Dolphins to use committee for head coaching search


The Miami Dolphins will be looking for a new head coach and it appears that the final decision on who that coach will be, is a committee. There is one name absent the rumored list of executives that will pour through candidates.

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According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are taking a committee approach to their head coaching search.

"Armando Salguero (@ArmandoSalguero) tweeted at 9:50 PM on Mon, Dec 28, 2015:Dolphins HC search will be done by Stephen Ross, Matt Higgins, Mike Tannenbaum, Dawn Aponte, Tom Garfinkel. Tannenbaum will be point man."

Missing name? General manager Dennis Hickey. There has been speculation that Hickey’s time with the Dolphins could be coming to an end. Hickey has not been as noticeable in front of the team. Matt Higgins, the teams Vice Chairman will sit in. Salguero says that at least seven candidates will be interviewed, this according to people within the organization that he has spoken with.

While Salguero doesn’t say who the team’s top choice is, he pointed out on Twitter that Sean Payton is not on their immediate list and nor is Hue Jackson of Cincinnati. Any speculation of Mike Tannenbaum leaving the team after the season can also be quashed if in fact Salguero is correct with his assertion that Tannenbaum will be the point man.

Last year as a consultant, Tannenbaum reportedly asked Stephen Ross to fire Joe Philbin. His first choice would have been, according to rumor, Dan Quinn of the Seattle Seahawks. Whether there was any truth to those rumors will not be known.

Salguero does point out one name however as someone who will interview for the vacancy.

Who the Dolphins interview is as important as who they hire. Miami has struggled to land their first choices since Stephen Ross came into ownership if the team. In fact, they haven’t landed a single first choice option at head coach or at general manager. Will this years coaching search include a GM search or will the next head coach have that power? Will Mike Tannenbaum assume the role of GM or will Dennis Hickey retain the job despite the apparent lack of involvement that is currently displayed?

In another week, we will know as the head coaching search begins.