Dolphins players chant Campbell after game


The Miami Dolphins beat the Patriots today and when Stephen Ross addressed the team in the locker room, chants of “Campbell” broke out around the room.

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Dan Campbell said that he was grateful for the opportunity and learned “a lot”. He said he is glad that he will get to interview for the permanent job and said “we’ll see” when asked about it. Stephen Ross told media members that he and the staff are excited about the coaching search.

"“I’m looking for somebody who can really be motivational and inspire the players to play to get the best out of them,” Ross explained. “[Someone] that’s very intelligent and will really change the culture here; somebody who can really make sure that when you walk into this locker room, you intend on winning a football game.”"

So he is looking for Dan Campbell in another 10 years.

Culture change, motivation, blah blah blah. We have heard this before. We heard it with Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland, Dennis Hickey, and Dan Campbell. There are a lot of candidates out there to take over the team but the team has already filled one vacancy elevating college scout director Chris Grier to general manager.

It’s obvious that the players want Campbell back. They have said as much since he took over the team way back in early October. The problem is Campbell doesn’t have the connections to lure top coaching candidates to Miami to become his assistants. He also lacks the real experience it takes to shape and mold a team. This team was already formed when he took over can he adjust to make it his in only a season or two? Can anyone for that matter?

Personally, Campbell would have been my top choice to stay with the team but one thing sticks in my head when I think about him. It’s the same people chanting his name in front of Stephen Ross. The players. If the players wanted Campbell this badly, then why didn’t they play harder? The Dolphins players, especially the last few weeks have turned in poor efforts on the field. Almost as if they were simply going through the motions to get the season over with.

Campbell himself said that getting the players focused on their job was difficult. Which is why I question the players committment to him. Play for the man that you want to be coach. If you lose, you lose. There are plenty of reasons why the Dolphins have lost games. Bad offensive line play, bad play-calling, bad defensive play calling, injuries, and so on. Losing because of a lack of effort or preparedness is not one of them.

Monday will bring out the first set of names that will come to Miami for an interview and who’s name is on that list will be known soon enough. If in the end it is Dan Campbell, then let’s hope that he has great resources for some top assistant coaches. The bad thing is, in 10 years, Dan Campbell may very well be one of the top coaches in the NFL. He just isn’t yet.