Dolphins’ Ross says team will win Super Bowls


Super Bowls. Plural. Miami Dolphins owner believes this team can win Super Bowls. This after the Dolphins beat New England to finish the season.

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross believes in his team even if he doesn’t have a coach to coach them. Even though he doesn’t have the cap space to buy more players. Even though he will have to watch the next head coach cut players to get under the 2016 salary cap. He believes.

"“I told the players that I really believe,” Ross said after Miami’s 20-10 upset win against New England. “For those who stay, we’re going to be winning Super Bowls. If you look at our organization today, you see what we’ve done. From every aspect except the playing field, we’re probably the first class organization in the National Football League.” – Via the PalmBeachPost."

Ross didn’t stop there however saying that the Dolphins, and their current executive situation is first class in the NFL.

"“From every aspect except the playing field, we’re probably the first class organization in the National Football League.”"

I will give Ross credit for two things. One he doesn’t waiver on his support of this team and two, the Dolphins are a first class organization. First class with a lot of problems that tend to fumble through off-seasons with no showing of a true sense of direction.

The Dolphins have named Chris Grier their new general manager. That isn’t much of a surprise outside the fact that they didn’t interview anyone else. Grier has a long history with the Dolphins on the college scouting side of the organization but is the guy to lead the Dolphins? Well no, not really but let’s realize one firm fact. Mike Tannenbaum is the decision maker here now.

It’s hard for fans to buy into the whole “we will win Super Bowls” rhetoric when they haven’t made the post-season since 2008. Have been through two head coaches, two interim head coaches, and two general managers since he became the full owner of the franchise. No offense to Ross but proving it would be nice.

Last year Ross had a similar mantra after a close come from behind win against the Vikings late in the season. While he didn’t mention Super Bowls, he gleefully declared Joe Philbin safe for 2015. That lasted four games. The Dolphins owner isn’t the only NFL owner who says things that sometimes don’t make sense but would you rather him say, “we suck and won’t make any Super Bowls anytime soon.”

The first step in making his beliefs a reality is finding not just a head coach but the right head coach. The next coach needs to command respect of the players, he needs to be a leader of those men, and he needs to be innovative. Miami can’t afford another head coach who is passive in his approach on and off the field. Most importantly he needs to be a coach who can bring in top quality assistants and staff members.

For the Dolphins, the assistants are the key. Miami needs coaches who can develop players while the head coach can put those players in the right position to be good if not great. Names, we have learned mean nothing without the right system. Rookies mean nothing without gaining valuable playing time. Everyone needs to be more physical and that too comes from coaching.

This attitude is nothing new. Dan Campbell has been preaching all of this from day one of his promotion. In a perfect world, Campbell would be the answer. He has all of the above abilities sans one. He doesn’t have the connections in the NFL to bring in top quality staff members. He could lean on Bill Parcells or others but the truth is Cambpell also doesn’t have the experience to lead them. Imagine a guy like Norv Turner coming to Miami to run the offense and taking orders from a guy who has only been coaching in the NFL or at any level for four years.

This is where Ross needs to get this right. Whether by relying on Mike Tannenbaum’s knowledge or by making a decision based on what he believes. Ross isn’t a football guy so listening to his executives is imperative but ultimately, whoever is hired will be Ross’ responsibility.