Dolphins an attractive job to potential coaches


The Dolphins remain an attractive job for the number of coaching candidates searching for their next gig. But with the fate of the franchise in Mike Tannenbaum’s hands, it’s anyone’s guess as to what direction Miami will wind up going.

Recently, I’ve been rather harsh on the Miami Dolphins, their coaches, front office, and their fans. But can you blame me? After all, this once proud organization has become a punch line around the NFL.

It seems as if every 4 years or so the Miami Dolphins are in search of the next head coach that will bring them out of the gutter and back to relevancy. The “masterminds” that were promised to bring winning and respect back to South Florida have had tenures that lasted as many as four seasons to as few as one. So, what exactly went wrong here?

Aside from the state of the franchise being a complete mess, I believe wholeheartedly this job is one of the best available in the league. That’s right. I just flipped the script and went full-blown positive on your ass.

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Believe it or not, the Dolphins—who consistently hover around .500 and are a PR firm’s worst nightmare—still have some attractiveness left in them. Besides the weather, diverse culture, world-renowned restaurants, the most attractive people, and no state tax, the city of Miami offers a football team with some potential, particularly in their personnel.

The next head coach of the Miami Dolphins has a lot to work with: a top ten draft pick, the best defensive tackle in football, one of the most exciting wide receivers in the league in Jarvis Landry, the second-best running back (performance wise) in the AFC the past two seasons, a pro bowl caliber center and safety, and aspiring young players such as Olivier Vernon, DeVante Parker, Jay Ajayi, Ja’Wuan James, and Jordan Phillips.

Yes, you’ve noticed I haven’t mentioned Ryan Tannehill. Was that on purpose? Perhaps. But I’m not a Tannehill guy. But admittedly, the fourth-year quarterback does have the talent and potential to be a solid NFL quarterback and garners interest from several respectable football minds out there looking for a new job.

Like it or not, Tannehill, despite regressing this year and not exactly winning over the locker room, has the full support from the organization. He is their guy—and certainly get’s paid like it.

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  • If Miami stumbles upon a coach that can work with Tannehill and bring him to the potential the Dolphins have been waiting for, things may be on the up and up.

    Add in the fact that the Dolphins—besides residing in a great destination—has an owner willing to break the bank, it has the potential to be a destination that warrants a lot of interest from respectable coaching candidates.

    Because, let’s be honest, if the loyal fans of South Florida have to endure the merry-go-round of mediocrity for another eight years, there might be riots on the street of Miami for the first time since 1980.

    The pieces are here. It’s time to put them together and fix this mess.

    Stephen Ross must be less apologetic to the season ticket holders and more ambitious in the direction he wants to take this organization. Orange carpets, celebrity owners, fine dining, and clubs in the stadium don’t produce wins. Never admitting to being a football mind, Ross continues to hand over the fate of the franchise to others. The man in charge now is Mike Tannenbaum.

    It’s still unknown if Tannenbaum can make things work in Miami, but he’s been known to get deals done. To continue his track record, he must become a good salesman; he needs to play up the team’s potential and the South Florida lifestyle, and he must give the next potential head coach freedom to take the team where he sees fit.

    It’s time for the Miami Dolphins to be run by a football mind, not a real estate mogul or an accountant. If used properly, this team has the ingredients to make a winning recipe. If Miami goes down the same path they have for more than ten years, however, these ingredients will become rotten and must be thrown out with the trash.