Dolphins don’t need a QB coach


As the Miami Dolphins continue to look for a new head coach, I continually see more and more fans emphasizing the need for a strong head coach who can fix the quarterback position. No, they don’t.

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While the Dolphins do need a good coach to work with Ryan Tannehill, that coach should be the offensive coordinator. Adam Gase is a good coaching prospect and everyone points to what he can do with quarterbacks, but he isn’t going to be coaching the offense. He will be coaching the entire team. In Tampa Bay where Lovie Smith was just fired, everyone is praising the work that Dirk Koetter did with Jameis Winston. That’s great but it doesn’t make you head coach material.

The Buc’s are going to find out because it’s being floated around that they chose to fire Smith after the Dolphins requested permission to speak with Koetter. My question is who is Koetter going to hire to call the offense and work with Winston?

This is where my thoughts on a head coach tend to deviate more from the up and comer’s. To me, a strong head coach is what the Dolphins should be looking for. A head coach who has the wherewithall to undersand the daily grind and has the connections to hire the right “Dirk Koetter’s” of the NFL. Not the other way around.

When the Dolphins hired Cam Cameron he was supposed to be this offensive wiz kid but instead the Dolphins offense sucked. Tony Sparano was an assistant head coach and offensive line coach in Dallas. Dallas had one of the best offensive lines in the league under Sparano. Naturally as a head coach the Oline would get better right? Wrong. Joe Philbin? One of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL. Who has one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL right now? Exactly.

My point is that when a coach becomes a head coach, his duties change immensely. He goes from a singular room with four or five players or from the side of the ball where he has maybe 27 players to having an entire team. It’s not easy and the NFL is very good at taking great assistant coaches and driving them right out of the NFL.

So what should the Dolphins do? Well I don’t have a plan for them. I only caution them getting caught up on a name or what others boast about a candidate. They should keep their options open and stay focused on what this team really needs. Assistant coaches who are very good at their jobs. VERY GOOD. Not old guys like Dan Henning who are beyond the realm of the new NFL and not the Brian Daboll’s of the league who have never sat at the right or left of the head coach.

The Dolphins need to not worry about who is going to save Ryan Tannehill but instead who is going to fix the entire team. I’m not sold that the coach who can do that is interviewing today.