Dolphins Ryan Tannehill’s critical 2016


Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is facing a critical 2016. Forget about the increase in his salary that makes him expendable, Tannehill’s career in the NFL will hinge on his play.

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With the hire of Adam Gase as head coach, the excuses for Tannehill are now over. Yes, they still have no solutions on the offensive line but Tannehill’s biggest critics point to his footwork and pocket awareness. His inability to lead is also a point of conjecture as well. When the game is on the line, no one believes that Tannehill will drive the field for the win. He lacks a killer mentality and drive. He has one year to change it all.

Gase will work with Tannehill, closely, and if he doesn’t believe that Tannehill is the quarterback that can change this team around then we will watch him walk out the door after the season. See Gase is a quarterback guy. He get’s the best out of the worst. Forget about Peyton Manning. Forget about Jay Cutler having his best season under Gase. Look at what he did with Tim Tebow. He molded Tebow and worked with him and Tebow took the Broncos to a playoff appearance.

There is more than a few question marks about Gase but his work with quarterbacks is not one of them. Consider that since Tannehill’s arrival he has changed offensive coordinators and systems twice in his four years. He changed systems and he lost the support of his coach in favor of Mike Sherman. He wasn’t allowed to audible and he wasn’t allowed to run, his best ability out of the pocket. Yet he still threw for over 4,000 yards in each of the last two seasons. But what he hasn’t been able to do is lead the team to points.

Statistically Tannehill isn’t all that bad but you have to consider how many of his touchdowns came when the team was in a deep hole against defenses just trying to get the game over with. When the game has been on the line, Tannehill isn’t the guy, hasn’t been the guy. He needs to become the guy.

It’s been reported that one of the reasons Gase was hired was because he can work with quarterbacks. Miami is trying to save their vested interest in Tannehill but make no mistake, if he can’t develop now, improve significantly, he won’t be around in 2017 when his contract escalates and there are no guaranteed money left to pay.

Gase admitted in his introduction press conference that he doesn’t know much about Tannehill. Not enough to form an opinion. This will work in Tannehill’s favor because it creates a clean slate with no prejudgment. So it’s up to Tannehill. It was reported by Armando Salguero that Tannehill welcomes coaching. Whether from Zac Taylor, Bill Lazor, or even Dan Marino. Again, it’s up to Tannehill to now absorb what Gase his going to present him with.

Whether Tannehill works out or not is unknown but his four years have not bought him more time. It’s bought him one season and that is because of his contract. Knowing what the future for Tannehill may hold, it’s important that the Dolphins take a long look at investing in another quarterback in this years draft. The Dolphins simply can’t afford not to.