Dolphins and Browns will be compared


The Miami Dolphins hired Adam Gase and cancelled their interview with Hue Jackson. The Browns jumped in on Hue Jackson and today announced the hiring. The two clubs will now be compared.

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Many believe that the Miami Dolphins should have hired Jackson over Gase while the other half are don’t. Cleveland and Miami are in similar positions in that there are questions in both the front office and the personnel on the field. Did either team make the right choice in their hire, did one not make the right choice?

Cleveland reportedly will jettison Johnny ‘football’ Manziel and according to reports this was a stipulation from Jackson in taking the job. It’s almost a given that the Browns will target one of the top quarterbacks with their number two overall pick in this April’s draft. Miami however is holding out hope that they will not be looking for a new quarterback in 2017.

Both teams have paralled each other in many ways over the last ten years. Neither becoming competitive enough to matter in their division although last season the Browns surprised a lot of people by staying in the hunt for their division until almost the final month. Regardless the two teams have become perennial losers.

With debates still being waged by the Dolphins fan base as to whether or not Gase was a better hire, there is now a team who hired the coach many thought would be a top choice for the Dolphins and given the teams similarities with player personnel, Miami fans can look at this in three years and have a clearer picture of whether the team made the right call over Jackson.

In reality, and to purposely contradict myself, it’s all moot and really doesn’t mean anything more than an opportunity to bring attention to the fact that the Dolphins opted to go with their top choice and not interview Jackson first. It’s water cooler talk at best but in three years if the Browns are relevant and Miami isn’t, you can bet this will be brought up.

On one hand I have learned that Jackson is far more controlling and demanding than Gase and it’s likely that the Dolphins viewed Jackson as someone who may not work within the teams “team” concept on the executive level. Whether that is indeed true or not we will never know unless Jackson starts making some crazy demands in Cleveland. Although almost demanding that Johnny Manziel not be with the team isn’t really all that crazy.