2015 Dolphins schedule strength was weak


The Miami Dolphins finished the 2015 season with six wins, their opponents didn’t do much better making 2015 even more miserable.

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Released today, the final 2015 NFL strength of schedule has the Dolphins 2nd to last in regards to who they played and how well their opponents fared. Only the New York Jets had a weaker schedule.

Miami’s opponents combined for 110 wins and 130 losses on the season giving them a rank of 31 tied with the Jaguars who won five games all season. One of their wins was against the Dolphins in week two. While the SOS has no real meaning it shows how badly the team performed in 2015. A season that began with extremely high expectations.

Of course the fact Miami lost five of their six divisional games doesn’t help. Both the Bills and Jets swept Miami and the Patriots split with the Dolphins with Miami winning the week 17 match in a meaningless game for the Dolphins who were already eliminated weeks before.

Changing the way the Dolphins play on the field is critical and that task now falls on Adam Gase and his relatively inexperienced coaching staff that boasts no former NFL head coaches. Add to that the holes on the team and cap space problems and 2016 should be a rebuild for the team which would make the most sense. Gase was hired because of his history working with quarterbacks but Miami’s problems were not entirely on the shoulders of Ryan Tannehill.

Poor play calling and poor line play offensively contributed to Miami’s offensive woes while poor system integration and player utilization doomed the defense. Injuries didn’t help but by the time Miami began to suffer the injuries, the had already fired their head coach and defensive coordinator and later their offensive coordinator.

2015 is still in the rearview mirror, it’s hard to believe that it was only a few weeks ago we were watching the regular season wrap up. So glad that there is a reminder from the NFL’s SOS to let us remember just how underperforming the team actually was. If there was champagne to pop, it might be well used to toast the upcoming season.