Dolphins not drafting QB for competition?


The NFL Draft is still over three months away, well just under, but it appears that the Miami Dolphins may not be looking for quarterback competion in the draft for Ryan Tannehill. This according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

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It should be noted that while Jackson is referring to what Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase think of Tannehill, it’s more likely that “competition” simply means not in the first round or two. The Dolphins are thin at quarterback and while Matt Moore is scheduled to be a free agent there is always a chance he comes back on a one year deal. Even then the Dolphins are still thin.

"Because Gase really likes what he has seen in Tannehill, and Mike Tannenbaum is convinced Miami can win with him, the Dolphins do not feel compelled to draft legitimate competition.Moore has been a reliable back-up but mainly because the team hasn’t needed him to play. During pre-season contests Moore has looked lost and incredibly inconsistent. Yet his work with Tannehill in the film room and his leadership has been worth having him on the roster. That should change this year. – Barry Jackson via the Miami Herald."

The Dolphins can’t afford to not bring in competition for Tannehill. He is on what amounts to a one year deal in 2016 when his guaranteed portions of his contract are paid in full. Beyond the upcoming season it’s all up to how he performs and what Adam Gase sees in him. If the Dolphins wait until after 2016 they could be looking for a rookie quarterback who will come in raw as opposed to drafting one this year and giving him a season to grow as a back-up.

That’s not say Miami should spend a first round pick on a quarterback. They shouldn’t. They have far bigger needs on the team and drafting a back-up is basically selling your team short. Another player who will ride the bench for a season. Miami needs impact players in their draft.

I would suspect that the Dolphins start looking for a quarterback after round three. While these won’t be blue chip quarterbacks they can be molded and good quarterbacks can be found. It’s a position that needs addressing but one that can’t be addressed early.

If Jackson is right, and there is no reason to believe he is not, Miami will take a cautious approach to finding competition at the position. It’s needed and warranted the question is where and when?