Dolphins 2015 grades: Brent Grimes


The Miami Dolphins are facing a decision this off-season on cornerback Brent Grimes. Will they ask him to restructure his 2016 salary which currently sits around $9 million or will they release him? Will Grimes accept a new deal? Those are all questions for Adam Gase and Mike Tannenbaum.

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Brent Grimes – cornerback

2016 salary – $9.5 million

In 2015 Grimes saw his production not necessarily slip but instead become inconsistent. While he was making huge plays one week, the next week he was allowing opposing receivers big days. As the season progressed, Grimes became more inconsistent and a lot of that had to do with the lack of talent across from him.

Regardless of the reason, Grimes current level of play may not be worth the $9 mill plus contract that he is currently receiving. Grimes received a favorable 74.8 grade for 2015. He had 49 total tackles, 42 of them solo and added four interceptions. Against the run Grimes was rated and efficient 75.9 by Profootballfocus and 73 in coverage. He played a total of 987 snaps on the season. The most of any cornerback.

Obviously Grimes is ranked higher than any other corner on the teams roster and by a rather wide margin given the parameters of PFF’s grading system.

2015 Grade – B-

Why B-?

In the end, Grimes is starting to show signs of wearing down and that isn’t good for a team who needs to find another cornerback. Grimes’ grade however comes from the week to week consistency that dropped considerably from 2014.

Should he stay or go?

With the Dolphins looking at salary cap issues entering the 2015 league new year in early March, the Dolphins will need to make several decisions on the defensive side of the ball. Ideally Grimes’ contract can be reworked to lower his cap base but the caveat to that is Grimes is over 30 and starting to wear down so extending his deal or shuffling money may end up being for a player who isn’t on the roster in two seasons. Of course releasing him isn’t ideal either as the team already has a hole on the other side of the field at the position. Then of course  there is his wife Miko. While teams will rarely release a player or give up on a player due to family, Miko has become a distraction for the team. It’s just something to think about.