2015 Dolphins grades: Cornerbacks


The Miami Dolphins did not get as much production from their cornerbacks as they had hoped and it was one of the reasons why the defense faltered last season. While we have done grades on the top players or at least the starters, we round out the corners with a look at the rest of the players at the position.

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Tony Lippett – Cornerback

2016 salary – $578,000

Lippett saw considerable action on the field most notably after the benching of Jamar Taylor late in the season. His play was enough to earn a respectable 75.4 overall performance rank on ProFootballFocus. Granted it was based on limited action. Against coverage Lippett rated 74.8 with 100 being the best score possible. He had 13 total tackles on the season and made at least one appearance in nine games.

2015 grade – C+

Why a “C+”

It’s difficult to judge what exactly Lippett can do and this grade is based on his play when given the chance. I took into consideration his being a rookie, playing a new position, and the fact that by the time he saw substantial time the season was just about over. Lippett showed signs that he could be a reliable back-up in the league but we will see how that future shakes out.

Zach Bowman – Cornerback

2016 salary – none – Bowman was released in November

Bowman was supposed to add veteran leadership, depth, and challenge for a starting role on defense. He has 7 tackles and one interception on the season but his inability to get on the field, active for 10 of the 16 games, eventually led to his release.

2015 grade – F

Why an “F”

Bowman did not come close to being the player Miami had hoped they were signing and some question whether he was given a real shot to start in the first place, something that was reportedly promised to him when he signed. His not getting that chance may have contributed to his lack of performance on the field.

The rest of the Dolphins cornerbacks, Tyler Patmon and Dax Swanson whos signed a futures/reserve contract do not get grades for 2015.