Dolphins grades: Defensive ends


Following the injury to Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake the Dolphins needed to add depth so signing free agent defensive end Quinton Coples made a lot of sense.

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Quinton Coples – defensive end

2016 salary – $7.7 million

Coples played six games for the Dolphins in 2015 after being released by the New York Jets. He registered no sacks, no fumbles, no tackles, and no assists. Yet he actually played well for the team. Coples did his job. He held the edge against the run, where he posted a 73 grade on and forced runners back inside. Against the pass coples rated 70.3 but he was the back-up to Derrick Shelby at this point.

It’s already rumored that Coples will be released prior to the start of the 2016 league new year. Immediately cutting $7.7 million off the Dolphins salary cap. None of Coples money is guaranteed at this point so releasing him makes a ton of sense. Miami will likely try and bring him back at a much reduced number.

2015 grade – B

Why a B?

Coples did well in his short time but he served as a back-up and never really had a major impact on the game but when he was in the game he did his job.

The rest of the defensive ends

Cameron Wake = Incomplete

2016 salary – $9.8 million

Wake tore his Achilles tendon early in the teams 7th game. Wake is scheduled to make over $9 million next season and the Dolphins will likely try and reduce that number. Coming off an injur and on the other side of 30 doesn’t bode well for Wake at this point but Miami has few other options and Wake is a big fan favorite which will likely rule out a release. Wake does not get a grade this season.

Terrence Fede 

Fede should have been able to do more than he actually did this year. With the injury to Wake, Fede had an opportunity to step up but instead was left to back-up Vernon on the right side. The former 7th round pick will need to pick it up in 2016. He had a total of 214 snaps in 2015.

Chris McCain – McCain was shifted from linebacker to defensive end back to linebacker and back to defensive end for a total of 42 snaps all season. His inability to hold down the linebacker position and his inability to find consistency at the DE position, and his inability to get on the field warrants an F but since I’m not passing out grades to players with low season snap counts, he gets no grade.

The rest of the Dolphins defensive ends will also not receive a grade for the 2015 season. It should be noted that Damontre Moore had over 250 snap counts on the season with most coming against the pass. He rated 75 by PFF and overall graded out at 63.5.