Dolphins Jennings says Ryan Tannehill want’s more freedom


Miami Dolphins receiver Greg Jennings may not have had a lot to say on the field in 2015 but he is talking up a storm with the media about Ryan Tannehill.

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On Monday, Jennings was a guest on the Dolphins podcast TheFinSiders and told the hosts that Ryan Tannehill wants more freedom in the offense.

"“Anytime you’re holding someone’s hand, you’re refusing to let them grow…,” Jennings said. “I’m going to speak for Ryan right now, which I typically don’t do. He wants some more freedom. He knows that he’s not been able to do the things that he really wants to do.”"

Last week prior to the Super Bowl Jennings was asked about Tannehill and said that he was like “a 6 year old with a bottle still in his mouth”. The reference was made to the coaching staff who have basically not allowed Tannehill to have more freedom with the offense. It’s well documented that Tannehill was not allowed to audible at the line of scrimmage under Joe Philbin, Bill Lazor, and Mike Sherman.

After Lazor was fired midway through the season, Tannehill was given a set of options to use at the line of scrimmage should he need to audible but it was reported then that the playcalling would be, again, limited. Tannehill is facing a critical 2016 season because the final guarantees of his contract will be paid out and his contract will balloon to $20 million place in 2017 none of which is guaranteed.

Under new head coach Adam Gase, Tannehill will most likely have more input into the offensive play calling. Something that Gase talked about after being hired. Still, Gase has to evaluate Tannehill who for the 2nd season in a row threw for more than 4,000 yards but still came up well short of a .500 season.

Questions still linger as to whether or not Tannehill can become the teams franchise player. 2016 will go a long way in providing some answers. For now at least one player on the team recognizes the fact that Tannehill has been shackled for his four seasons in the NFL. Whether that is part of the problem or not will be known after next season.