2015 Dolphins grades: Ryan Tannehill


For the 2nd year in a row Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for over 4,000 yards but his game management is still not winning over fans.

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Ryan Tannehill – quarterback

2016 salary – $11.5 million

Ryan Tannehill entered the 2015 season expected to make a huge turnaround in his game play. It would have been the 2nd season in a row under OC Bill Lazor and Dolphins fans and the team expected to see big positive strides. That however did not happen. Tannehill and the Dolphins offense were often playing from behind and when they were not, they were unable to generate long sustained scoring drives with any consistency.

Part of the offensie woes come on the shoulders of the offensive line but Tannehill is not without his own blame. For four years Tannehill has had time to develop his pocket awareness and still he has yet to progress in that area. He still holds the ball to long and takes too much time working through his read assignments, and that too contributes to his sack total.

Tannehill has however improved with his deep ball passing and completed more in 2015 than any season previous. Once again Tannehill statistically fit right in the middle of the league which was disappointing. 2016 is going to be a critical season for Tannehill becuase his salary takes a huge jump in 2017 and Miami will need to make the decision on whether or not he is their quarterback of the future.

2015 grade


Why a C?

For everything that Tannehill did right, he did just as muh wrong and frankly, he wasn’t any better than average and no worse than average. Tannehill needs to become a leader on the team and perhaps with the departures of the previous coaching staff, Tannehill will finally find room to grow. If not, the Dolphins need to move on.

The other quarterbacks

Ryan Tannehill was the only one to take any significant snaps in 2015. Matt Moore however did not look good in pre-season and scheduled to be a free agent heading into this off-season. The Dolphins need to bring in a quarterback to either challenge Ryan Tannehill or provide solid depth and possible future without Tannehill.