Is Lamar Miller expecting $5 million per season?


Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller wants to get paid and he is getting a little antsy. According to a report, Miller might be seeking around $5 million per season.

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The most recent report comes from Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald who says that the Dolphins are “very” interested in keeping the running back. He also says that Miller could make around $5 million per season.

If Miller does indeed get a contract that pays that much, he should consider himself lucky. Last season DeMarco Murray received a contract North of $4 million and was the only running back to make over four. Miller has played very well for the Dolphins but he did not have the impact that Murray had in Dallas. It’s hard to believe that Miller will receive a contract that is bigger than his.

More realistically, Miller should expect an amount in the low $4 million or even around $3 million with incentives. But honestly, there are teams out there with the cap space that can afford to overspend on a running back that has been productive. Miller also has a 4.5 yards per carry average in 2015, does not have fumble issues, and has had no serious health problems.

Those factors more than any other will likely determine the final pricetag for Miller. If the Dolphins are hoping for a hometown discount, it won’t likely happen but the lack of state income tax could help. Miller deserves to make more money and the Dolphins need to determine if the two headed back-field of Miller and Ajayi will help the win or if they can win with Ajayi and someone else who will be cheaper.

The running back position no longer carries the premium that it once did. The tick South began a few years ago when teams became more focused on the passing game putting a higher premium on wide-receivers and tight-ends. Miller however is pretty effective as a pass blocker and a receiver out of the backfield. Two more positives for teams looking to add him and two more positives for Miller to take to the contract negotiations.

For now it’s a wait and see but the window for making a decision is closing quickly as free agency will begin on March 9th.