2015 Dolphins grades – Greg Jennings


The Miami Dolphins believed that Greg Jennings was exactly the sure handed veteran receiver that the team needed. Miami lacked leadership on the field and in the locker room and Jennings was a proven leader.

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Greg Jennings -Wide-receiver

2016 salary – $5.5 million

If Greg Jennings is on the Dolphins roster in 2016 someone should be fired and the team should fold up and move to Los Angeles. The Dolphins will eat about $1.5 million when they release him but they will save $4 million in cap space. Forget about the economics of Jennings’ impending release and look at what his 2015 season actually was.

Jennings was rated as the 110th receiver in the NFL by ProFootballFocus and how he was that high is anyone’s guess. He graded out just below 50. He had a total of 19 receptions on the season with 208 yards. Of those receptions, 10 came in the first six weeks and three of those against Washington in week one. In that same time frame he was targeted 21 times and many of those incompletions were dropped passes by Jennings.

Jennings season was so bad that he had seven games with no receptions and his most active game came in week 17 when he posted four receptions. Those four final week catches makes the rest of the season after week six even more mystifying. Putting this into more perspective, Jennings had 74 yards in week 17, 29 in week one, and added a 37  yard effort in teams demolition of the Texans. The rest of his yards were spread out.

2015 grade – “F”

Why an “F”?

No bonus points for leadership here. Jennings was targeted 21 times in the first six weeks with 18 of those coming under the coaching of Joe Philbin. After Philbin was fired, Jenning’s took a back seat. Whatever Jennings brought to the team in 2015 it wasn’t on the field and was surely not worth the money he was paid.

Since the season has ended, Jennings has been very vocal in the media which is somewhat surprising given his production last season. He spoke with the media prior to the Super Bowl and has spoken with the Dolphins media, and network media. He has shed some light on the Ryan Tannehill situation letting it be known that while no one knows if Tannehill will ever develop into a franchise quarterback, he has been shackled and babied since entering the league. That’s only relevant as a point of interest and kudos to Jennings for bringing that to media attention.

The rest of the WR’s

Matt Hazel and Tyler Murphy did not do enough this year to warrant grading.