Should Dolphins cut Koa Misi?


The Miami Dolphins are looking for not one but two linebackers this off-season. That would seem to put Koa Misi in the crosshairs for having his contract nixed and sending him to free agency.

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Last season Misi played well enough to be the highest ranking linebacker on the team but is that really saying much when Jelani Jenkins spent time injured and the linebackers were atrocious until Kelvin Sheppard realized that he was playing for a new contract somewhere in the final three weeks of the season. Misi will count $4.8 million in cap space this year and if the Dolphins release him his savings would come in just under $4 million.

That’s not a huge price to pay for a starting linebacker except the fact that Misi may not be the starter. The Dolphins want to retain him because of his run support progress last season but if they are saying that they are turning around and saying they want to find two linebackers. That means Misi’s future is in question.

Miami should consider releasing Misi. Should they wait until they find another linebacker to take his place? Not necessarily. The play of Neville Hewitt last years was as good as Jelani Jenkins the year before when Miami needed to insert Jenkins due to the Dannell Ellerbe injury. Granted Jenkins had most of an entire season to show what he can do and Hewitt had only a few games. They were very good games.

It’s risky to put Hewitt into a starting role even on paper but the Dolphins could concentrate their efforts to finding competition for him outside. Either through the draft or free agency. If the Dolphins sign a starting interior linebacker in free agency, then they can focus their first round draft options at corner, defensive end, or defensive tackle. Picking up an outside linebacker to compete with Hewitt in rounds two or three.

Of course keeping Misi on the roster and seeing what plays out is a smart move but the team would not be doing Misi any favors by releasing either after the draft or well into free agency and again, it’s only saving around $4 million.

Regardless it’s an option the Dolphins should keep on their table and it may not be a bad idea to try to trade him. His contract is low and his play is a little above average. You won’t get much for him but maybe enough to help fill some holes somewhere.