Lamar Miller and Dolphins talking deal


The Miami Dolphins have a few free agents ready to hit the market next week but only two of them were deemed a priority. Lamar Miller whom the Dolphins are now exploring options with, is one of them.

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Earlier in the week the Dolphins put the transition tag on defensive end Olivier Vernon. The tag allows Vernon the opportunity to hit free agency and then for the Dolphins to match any offer he agrees upon. There are some that believe Vernon will not return while others believe that the Dolphins could get him back by matching another offer.

Miller however is a bit different. He was disgruntled late last season because of the way the coaching staff utilized him. That coaching staff is now gone. The issue for the Dolphins and Miller reuniting for a longer deal is the money. Miller reportedly wants a yearly salary north of $5 million while the Dolphins want a deal at our south of $5 million.

Only five running backs currently make over $5 million a season. DeMarco Murray who signed with the Eagles last season, Panthers runner Jonathan Stewart, Adrian Peterson, Jamal Charles, and LeSean McCoy. In these days of the NFL where running backs no longer carry the premium they once did, $5 million is saying a lot about a running backs abilities.

Miller has been a very solid runner in Miami the last two seasons but the Dolphins don’t view him as a single back because Miller will split time with promising youngster Jay Ajayi. Miller however has not been injured, plays hard every play, and has improved his pass protection greatly since arriving in the NFL. He is also a valuable asset in the passing game as a receiver out of the back-field.

If the Dolphins can work out a deal it will be a good move for the franchise making sure that running back is no longer a problem for the foreseeable future. But the money they will spend on him could hurt them in filling needs elsewhere on the team. With running backs being more interchangeable than in the past, it’s fair to wonder if keeping Miller is a smart idea.

The answer is probably yes.

Miller has been consistent on offense and the Dolphins have, on paper, a good offense everywhere but on the offensive line. It would be very interesting to see what Miller could do if the blocking up front was better.