NFL free agency tampering starts today, Dolpins fans beware


The NFL free agency legal tampering period begins today at noon and Miami Dolphins fans should be cautious with the rumors that circulate.

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The Dolphins are expected to be active in free agency this year but agents who represent top free agents will also use Miami to drum up higher deals for their players elsewhere. Regardless of interest by the Dolphins.

Stephen Ross has been a high spender since taking over the franchise and agents know this. They will use Miami’s supposed interest to drive up the contract with another team. And why wouldn’t they? With Ross’ desire to spend, smart agents know what team to use to pit against another team.

With the Dolphins looking at adding guard, linebacker, and cornerback in the market, there should be a lot of interest in free agents and just as many rumors as to who the Dolphins will be looking at. Some of those rumors could be generated by the Dolphins themselves as they try and redirect their interest from a player that they have interest in. With the hopes of getting a better deal themselves.

It’s the annual cat and mouse game that culminates eventually in the draft when teams begin to put out false rumors about interests in a myriad of players with the hopes of the player they want falling to them. Free agency is, if not more so, a game of deception. At least early on.

At some point today we should start learning about what free agents the Dolphins have genuine interest in. Last year at this time the reports of Ndamukong Suh surfaced a few days before the tampering window and a contract rumor quickly surfaced that had everyone in the NFL crying foul. It’s one reason the league lifted the no contract talks.

Who the Dolphins target will give a solid insight into the direction the team is taking with a new head coach and two new coordinators. Guard is a top priority and linebacker as well. It will be interesting to watch the next two days develop ahead of the start of free agency. Just be warned that all rumors will not be remotely true.