What’s Next For The Miami Dolphins

Nov 28, 2015; Columbia, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers cornerback Mackensie Alexander (2) blocks the pass intended for South Carolina Gamecocks wide receiver D.J. Neal (3) during the first half at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 28, 2015; Columbia, SC, USA; Clemson Tigers cornerback Mackensie Alexander (2) blocks the pass intended for South Carolina Gamecocks wide receiver D.J. Neal (3) during the first half at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports /

Everyone is talking, and by everyone, I mean media outlets, the failures of the Miami Dolphins. The word on the street is that the Dolphins have lost in free agency, as they have seen their selected and developed draft picks leave Miami for ‘greener pastures.’

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But let’s be honest here.  Was Oliver Vernon really worth 17.5 million per season? No.  Rishard Mathews – was he worth the 5 million per season? No.  Mathews would have been the 4th best option on this team.  Lamar Miller has the speed and the cut you are looking for in a running back, but can he get the first down on 3rd and 2 with a stacked box or – is he worth 6.5 million per season? The Dolphins set the threshold for these players, and fortunately for them, they were able to receive the compensation they valued.

The only regret that the Dolphins should have is with Derek Shellby.  The Falcons signed him to a very team friendly contract that should have been offered by the Dolphins.

Nonetheless, what is next for the Dolphins? The silly thing about our front office, is that they believe they have solid depth at every position.   This is solely based on the observation that is being made based on their free agent visits – specifically, the guard position.   The Dolphins signed only 3 offensive linemen, and none of them have played the guard position.  Adam Gase, can’t believe that the Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Jamil Douglas are going to magically turn into elite guards? There are plenty of solid guards on the market right now – specifically – Evan Mathis and Louis Vasquez.  Vasquez and Mathis were the starting guards for the defending the Super Bowl Champions.  Both have experience working with Gase and his system during his tenure with the Broncos.  This seems like an ideal match, and it’s a little surprising that the Dolphins haven’t at least brought them in for a visit.

To make matters worse, look at the Arizona Cardinals.  Yesterday, the Cardinals traded their former first round pick, Jonathan Cooper to the Patriots.  Cooper was a guard and with his departure, the Cardinals have already placed an offer to Mathis and are bringing other veteran guards in to showcase their skills.

Isn’t that what the Dolphins should be doing?


Furthermore the Dolphins lost out on the opportunity to add depth to their backfield with C.J Anderson offer being matched by the Denver Broncos.  The Dolphins can’t feel comfortable going with J.J Ajayi , based on their flirtation with C.J.  As such, it makes you believe that the Dolphins still need to find a valuable option.  Ironically, there are some key free agents available, specifically Adrian Foster.  Foster would make sense in two ways:

  1. When healthy (and that is a big if) he is the best available Running back on the market
  2. Showdown – Lamar Miller vs. Adrian Foster – who has the better year?

The Dolphins could possibly use the draft to address this concern, but they have too many holes to fill to specifically select a running back in the first three rounds.  The Dolphins would be wise to focus their first three draft selection on the following positions:

  1. Cornerback
  2. Defensive end
  3. Guard

Who are the best fits based on the Dolphins draft selection:

Round 1 – Mackenzie Alexander CB
if Mack is there, you run to the podium.  Based on Mack’s performance last season, you can’t argue with his production.  Team refused to throw to his side of the feeling, aka the Revsis affect.  Mack would come in and be the Dolphins true starting cornerback.  His skill set reminds a lot of scouts of Patrick Surtain.

Round 2 –   Jonathan Bullard DE
Bullard is starting to make noise in terms of draft risers.  He can play either in a 3-4 or 4-3, but based on his game tape, he would excel with his hand on the ground.  Bullard is your definition of a coach’s player.  Plays through pain, is a “Yes Sir” response and would be an ideal match.  The opposite could be true on Robert Nkemdiche, who could be a possible selection that offers top 10 talent in the 2nd round.

Round 3 – Jack Allen – C
Remember when Pouncey got hurt, Jamil Douglas tried to snap to Tannehill and caused a lot of chaos. The Dolphins do not have a reliable back up at center.  Furthermore, Allen could definitely play Guard or the Dolphins could move Pouncey to Guard and Allen can take over at center.  Either way, you draft Allen you improve your Oline.

To recap, the Dolphins would be wise to sign two veteran free agents and focus on the draft on rebuilding their weakest units.  Signing Adrian Foster and Evan Maths/Louis Vasquez allows the Dolphins to draft the best available players, which are Mack, Bullard and Allen.

If the Dolphins follow this plan of attack, you might start thinking that the Miami Dolphins are headed in the right direction – and isn’t that what we want from our franchise?