Dolphins Stephen Ross talks Grimes and Tannehill


The NFL owners are meeting in South Florida this week to discuss a myriad of rule changes and more. Of course coaches will also talk to the media but Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had a few things to say about Brent Grimes’ departure and Ryan Tannehill’s developement.

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Speaking with the media has never been Ross’ strongest ability. More often than not, Ross starts to speak like a business owner and then his exuberance transitions into him talking like a fan. While it’s not really a big deal, he is an owner and should work harder at choosing his words more careful.

Case in point, the release of Brent Grimes.

Grimes was released a few weeks ago and Ross was specifically asked about the off-field vocal issues of Miko Grime’s, Brent’s wife, being a reason for his release.

"“I think everybody knows what she represented. I thought it was best that the Dolphins move on from Brent and Miko.” – via multiple media out outlets"

The fact is Ross could have chosen his words a little more carefully and could have taken a higher road and simply expressed the fact that Miami felt they needed to work at upgrading the position, thanking Grimes for his hard work, and moving on. Still, you can’t help but at least smile at the notion that Ross said what everyone else already was well aware of. Miko was the issue.

Over the past three seasons, Miko has been extremely critical of Stephen Ross, the Dolphins, and of course Ryan Tannehill.

Ross didn’t just speak about Grimes though. He spoke of Ryan Tannehill as well.

Miami is not rebuilding, so the Dolphins say. Ross in speaking with the media made it clear on Monday that some of the problems Tannehill has experienced could be, COULD be, the results of coaching. Ross pointed out the fact that Tannehill really has only been coached in one system. He has had three OC’s. Mike Sherman, Bill Lazor, and interim Zac Taylor. Ross pointed out that with more freedom within the offense, he is expecting Tannehill to emerge in 2016.

Tannehill himself has embraced the notion stating that it’s nice to know that his coach “has my back” and that he will, for the first time, be given more flexibility at the line of scrimmage. 2016 is a critical season for the Dolphins who will be faced with a big decision in 2017 and Ryan Tannehill’s contract.