Dolphins stadium naming rights rumors


The Miami Dolphins don’t have an officially named stadium yet. That will change by the start of the season. It’s been quiet as to who might be interested in plopping their brand on the marquee but two names have now surfaced.

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One of the rumored names is Qatar Airways. The state owned foreign airline has ties to Stephen Ross. Ross is currently working with among others, Qatar in the hopes of buying Formula 1 racing. The problem is that Qatar is not exactly a humanatarian country. Within the last year women workers were granted continued employment when pregnant whereas in the past they would be removed permanently from their jobs.

The arab nation also looks down upon women which clearly is not what you would want from a stadium brand.

The 2nd rumor is a little more worthy of having their names atop a stadium. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Personally, having “Hard Rock Stadium” is pretty cool and I would be on board with a rebrand for the stadium that would feature the Hard Rock logo in Dolphins colors.

The problem with the latter is that little part about “casino”. The NFL has shyed away from any and almost all gambling. Of course it’s better than the legal marijuana company that offered to take over the naming rights to the Denver Broncos stadium.

The NFL needs to get a grip on itself when it comes to these type of opportunities. Hard Rock is a very recognizable and internationally marketed company and has South Florida ties. Just up the road from the stadium is a Hard Rock hotel and casino. Of the two, this makes sense.

Anyone hoping and praying for a return to Joe Robbie Stadium will simply have to continue holding their breath.

The above rumors come from an report.