Ryan Tannehill like what he sees in Gase’s offense


Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins will get their official look at Adam Gase’s direction when the team holds their first official off-season workouts on Monday. Tannehill already likes what he is seeing.

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The players have not received their playbooks. It’s a stupid NFL rule, one that prohibits teams from passing out playbooks during the off-season until the teams officially meet. Since Gase was named the new head coach however, several players have been watching tape of his time with the Broncos. Ryan Tannehill is one of those players.

"“I’ve watched more Denver stuff so far,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “I’m sure I’ll get into a little more Chicago stuff. But I’ve watched more Denver stuff at this point, just seeing things they did well there with Peyton [Manning]. I’m excited about what I see. I think the more I watch, the more excited I am about the things they did and the things we’re going to be doing.” – Tannehill said via the MiamiHerald."

The only real question is whether or not the offense run in Denver and in Chicago is what Miami will run in 2016. At some point someone had to have said to Tannehill, “watch the Denver tape.” There is no question that Denver’s offense was potent but how much of that was Peyton Manning and can Tannehill replicate it?

For the past 4 years Tannehill has been up and down but he is at his best when he has proper protection in front of him. It’s a cliché’ but all quarterbacks play much better with better protection. For Tannehill however it’s completely an issue. Tannehill posts his best numbers, in 2014, when his offensive line was playing at it’s best and healthy.

The Dolphins have a lot of money and hopes tied into Tannehill but 2016 is the pivotal season. His salary cap number jumps to almost $20 million in 2017 and the majority of his guarantees have already or will be paid by the time that season rolls around. If Adam Gase isn’t happy with Tannehill’s progress, it’s likely or at least possible that they move on. Five seasons is enough to gauge what a quarterback can lead a team towards.

Season record will not be the indicator on Tannehill’s future. His progress and development will be. The Dolphins have made a lot of changes this off-season but their offensive line still remains a question mark heading towards the draft. Failing to fix the unit will not help Tannehill’s progress but that too will not be a reason to keep Tannehill as the excuses must end at some point.

Tannehill has been sacked and hit more than any other quarterback since he arrived in 2012 and that is something that needs to stop. In 2015 Dolphins fans finally were able to see progression in Tannehill’s deep passes and that too must continue to evolve into something more consistent. Tannehill can make a lot of the throws necessary for an NFL quarterback but his pocket presence and decision making is still an issue and some of things can not be taught.

When the Dolphins begin workouts on Monday, the players and the coaches will get their first looks at each other and the process of making this team relevant again will officially begin.