Possible scenarios for Miami Dolphins 2016 draft


Going over some of the possible draft day outcomes. And how they might affect the overall draft for the Dolphins.

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Best case scenario with first pick

The best player available or (BPA) happens to match the biggest need as well as the best fit in the early rounds. This would be running back or cornerback.

This is likely to happen in round one at the thirteenth pick. An option might be Ezekiel Elliott at somewhat of a long shot. This would be the only BPA option to spend that first round pick on a runningback. An option at cornerback could be Vernon Hargreaves III. This would also be  a long shot and the only BPA option to spend that first round pick on.

Next case scenario with first pick

This would be picking who ever else might be there. Cornerback Eli Apple might be there. Or runningback Derrick Henry. Cornerback Eli Apple would have to be the choice here. Some might call this a reach. However he not only fits he fills a need. So it is not that much of a reach. If you pass on finding that cornerback with a fit early it will most likely not be there later. Were as the same fit with a runningback should be there in round two. Runningback Kenneth Dixon would be good to slightly reach for to ensure that same fit should Derrick Henry not still be there.

There are still a few weeks to go until the draft. And things could change like players being cut or trades and revised evaluations that might shake things up. Overall it comes down to a numbers game and some luck.