2016 NFL Draft trade rumors picking up


The NFL Draft is down to nine days and counting and trade rumors are starting to pick up across the NFL.

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The biggest rumor or news if you want to call it that starts with the Cleveland Browns who are actively shopping the 2nd overall pick according to reports.

The news of Cleveland wanting to shop the selection has gained momentum the last few days especially after the Rams moved into the number one position. The trade that sent the Titans back to 15 and the Rams to number one is shaking up mock drafts daily and a move by the Browns would further throw the entire speculative drafts into chaos. How these affect the Miami Dolphins at 13 remains to be seen.

Jeff Darlington further details that the calls being made by Sashi Brown are to teams that are selecting in the top 10 and that puts a couple of teams in position to make a move. Most notably the Philadelphia Eagles and it’s here that both Dolphins fans and the rest of the NFL should begin to watch.

The Eagles reportedly tried to jump to the number one position but the Titans opted to go with a better offer from the Rams. The Eagles now sit in a position to miss out on their preferred quarterback. If the Eagles want to draft a quarterback as most believe, they will need to jump into Cleveland’s spot at number two.

The Rams will likely select Carson Wentz with their first pick leaving Jared Goff on the board for Cleveland or anyone else in need of a quarterback. The Eagles were hoping that Goff would fall to the number 8 spot but it’s highly unlikely. If the Browns stay at number two, they would be the most likely landing spot for Goff so the Eagles will need to make a decision and that will likely come in the days immediately prior to the draft or when the Browns go on the clock.

While it’s unknown if the Eagles will agree to any of the Browns requests another team could move up to the 2nd spot. The San Francisco 49’ers. The 49’ers select in the 7th spot one position ahead of the Eagles. The 49’ers are still reportedly trying to trade Collin Kaepernick but thus far there has been hurdles to overcome, mainly the refusal of Kaepernick to take a pay cut.

Of all the teams holding the remaining six top ten spots, only the 49’ers and Eagles are likely to draft a quarterback or actively seeking one. If and it’s more likely when two quarterbacks are taken at the top of the draft, the Dolphins at 13 could be the beneficiary to some degree.

The Eagles specifically have shown the most interest in Ezekiel Elliot but the Ravens could take him before the Eagles are on the clock at 8. The Giants could also take Elliot in the 10th spot. If the Eagles move to number two Elliot has a better chance to fall to 13 as does Vernon Hargreaves, III who would be a perfect fit for the Dolphins and could fall to 13 as well with the shake-up at the top of the draft.

While all of this really means nothing with nine days left, teams like the Dolphins will need to monitor the situation as a player that was expected to be off the board could suddenly fall creating internal discussions on who each team should take. The Dolphins like every team have at least one player penciled in at their draft slot it’s only a matter of whether that player will be there when they select or if someone they thought would be gone falls.

It’s going to be very  interesting this last week and two days.