Will Dolphins trade up in round one?


The Miami Dolphins will select 13th in Thursday’s first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The question everyone seems to be asking is whether or not they will try and trade up.

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Miami is sitting at 13 because they felt it was in their best interest to swap positions with the Eagles in exchange for Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell. The Eagles have since traded the 8th pick to the Browns and now speculation is beginning that the Browns want to trade that pick as well. Could the Dolphins move back into their original spot?

The asking price will be slightly more than a 3rd round pick plus the 13th overall. The Browns may take the Dolphins 3rd in the exchange. The Dolphins are reportedly in love with several players but the name that is getting the most attention is Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot. The rumors of Miami’s interest are starting to fire on social media but like all rumors this time of year, no one is confirming that it came from anyone reliable.

Welcome to the day before the draft.

On Tuesday Adam Gase spoke to the media following his first OTA of the year and specifically talked about how good Jay Ajayi looks in “real life”. Smokescreen perhaps? If the Dolphins love what they see in Ajayi why do they need a first round runner?

Earlier this morning there was an internet rumor that the Dolphins were inerested or rumored to be a team looking at the Cowboys as a possible trade up partner. Dallas picks 4th in the draft and there is speculation that the Cowboys could be targeting Elliot.

At this point nothing is certain and that’s how NFL teams want it to be. It’s now entered the final phases of the smoke and mirror games that NFL teams play in the hours before the draft begins. While anything is possible, trading up doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Dolphins unless they are targeting Jalen Ramsey.

Mike Tannenbaum has a history in the NFL of making bold trades on draft day and he could opt to go in either direction. If the Dolphins can’t move up which would be preferable, they could always move down. For now, pick four and pick eight are the hot topics for trade rumors so it will be interesting to keep an eye on those two draft slots come Thursday night.

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