Dolphins stadium still on schedule

Dolphins stadium renovations - image courtesy of Miami Dolphins.
Dolphins stadium renovations - image courtesy of Miami Dolphins. /

A report late last week questioned whether the Miami Dolphins stadium renovations would be completed in time for the start of the season. Tom Garfinkel believes that it will.

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Garfinkel debunked the reports that the renovations were behind schedule simply telling people on Twitter that the report was untrue. Garfinkel has been updating fans via the social media outlet and has continued to post images of the stadium renovations.

All four corners, as shown in the video on the above Twitter link, are completed and the construction has moved to placing the trusses along the sides. The first of four video boards have also been installed or is ready to be installed.

When completed the stadium will have a full canopy over the fans seating areas while leaving the field open. One area that Garfinkel did not address however is the report that the renovations project is over budget.

Stephen Ross, the Dolphins and stadium owner, is putting up over $350 million of his own money for the project and will have to flip the bill for cost overruns. How much over won’t be known until the stadium is completed.

While Garfinkel is reassuring everyone that the project is on schedule, the Miami Hurricanes are making arrangements just in case the stadium is not ready. The school has reached out to other stadiums in case they need to move their opening schedule games. The Dolphins first game will be during the pre-season. The Dolphins will open their regular season with two games on the road in the hopes of giving the crews a couple more weeks to wrap up any lingering issues.

There is still a lot of work left to be done and the canopy is not yet ready for placement but that should change in the next month.