Adam Gase likes to trash talk

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The Dolphins are in full swing of their OTA’s and one thing we have learned about Adam Gase is that he likes to trash talk.

Adam Gase is a pleasant change from what the Dolphins have had the last few seasons. There are many things that are different from Gase’s coaching staff from Joe Philbin, including Gase’s vocal nature. During OTA’s Adam Gase has been known to trash talk players, a major difference from Philbin’s quiet and reserved approach.

One criticism of the Dolphins under Philbin was the lack of physicality and aggressiveness and that started in the front office. Philbin was as reserved as they come, and his approach didn’t scream aggressive play.

Gase on the other hand is doing everything he can to bring in an atmosphere of competition and physicality. From the alpha players that he has drafted to the coaching staff that he has surrounded himself with, Gase has proven that he wants to change the culture in Miami. And It’s working.

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Byron Maxwell has been one of the targets of Adam Gase’s trash talk. and he seems to be enjoying it. “We do a lot of trash talking out there, but it’s all good,” Maxwell said. “It’s fun. That’s when you’re competing. When you’re trash-talking me, I’m like I can’t let (DeVante) Parker beat me because I’m going to hear Gase all in my ear. Like really. That’s one of the things you talk about competing and everything, it’s fun out there. He gets me going.”

Gase isn’t the only one who is getting involved in the trash talking either. Apparently his wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson is also getting involved. Everyone is buying into this new attitude of competition and that will only breed greatness. Players need to be pushed and some of them get motivated in different ways. This clearly isn’t the same team that it was only a year ago.

Gase has put together a great coaching staff and the Dolphins should begin to quickly see results. Although this is his first year as a head coach he has surrounded himself with experienced NFL coaches who have been successful in this league. And as far as being a head coach, one of your greatest jobs is to inspire, motivate, and lead a team. Adam Gase is showing that he is ready to be that leader that Miami has needed for so long, trash talking one player at a time.