Dolphins Reshad Jones needs to show up


Miami Dolphins safety Reshad Jones is the highest paid strong safety in the NFL but he is not in the top five of all safeties in the NFL. Jones is threatening to hold out. He needs to get back to work.

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In 2014, Jones signed a contract extension. He rewarded the team with a four game suspension due to a failed league test. He is currently slated to make over $7 million in 2016 and another 7 plus in 2017. That’s not good enough and he wants more.

Players will often try to renegotiate their contracts ahead of their current deal running out. Those situations typically begin a year ahead of that contracts end. Two years still remain on Jones’ current deal and he is threatening to hold out.

The Dolphins don’t seem likely to start negotiations with his agent. The team does not wish to set a precedence for future players. This week the Dolphins will host mandatory mini-camp and Jones is pretty set on staying away and possibly staying out of training camp as well.

Jones will incur fines if he is not in Miami this week at practice. Jones’ absence so far hasn’t hurt the team but he is missing time to learn the Vance Joseph system.

Many fans and some in the media tend to side with the players in situations such as this but with two years remaining and only two years into his deal, Jones may find it much more beneficial to him if he shows up and plays hard this year and then works on a new deal prior to next season.

Jones has been fantastic for the Dolphins, especially over the last three seasons. Another Pro-Bowl year will give him far more leverage to increasing his contract and the Dolphins may want to get him locked down prior to the 2017 season.

It’s unlikely that Jones’ is absence will cause any production problems but Jones is supposed to be a leader on the field and this is not the way to show leadership. Jones would likely move closer to a new deal if he were on the field and talking with the Dolphins while he practiced.

Should Jones stay out, the Dolphins could look at bringing back Louis Delmas who has yet to finish a season the last three years. Antrell Rolle is also available.

This week will be the first test of Jones’ determination as it will mark the first time his wallet stand to get lighter.