Dolphins place 3 on NFL top 100 list


The NFL released their player voted top 100 list and the Miami Dolphins have landed three members of their team on the list.

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It’s not a surprise that so few of the Dolphins players landed on this list as the Dolphins haven’t been relevant for many years now. However it is a bit surprising who is on the list compared to who the Dolphins did not place.

Ndamukong Suh is the first Dolphins player to make the list coming in at number 40. He is also the only player on the Dolphins squad to crack the top 50. Suh is a good player and he dropped 16 spots from the 2015 list.

While Suh is a dominant force his 2015 production was not what many in Miami thought they would get. With a coaching change and a scheme change, Suh may find himself talking about a Pro-Bowl birth after the 2016 season.

From 40 we fall all the way down to 64 where safety Reshad Jones lands. The spot is a little low for a player who really isn’t getting the league recognition that he deserves. Last years Pro-Bowl bith was the result as being named an alternate. He should have been voted in as a starter.

Jones threatened to hold this year but his short hold-out came to an end after missing only one mandatory camp.

At number 98, Jarvis Landry gets the “I’m just happy to be nominated” award. Landry had a stellar season in 2016 and his two year totals at wide-receiver have eclipsed most of the receiving records in that same time period entering the league.

Landry has become the heart and soul of the Dolphins receiving group and some could argue easily, the entire Dolphins offense.

The surprise here is the lack of Mike Pouncey on the list. Pouncey has been a stellar center who has made the Pro-Bowl in all but his first NFL season and one of those nominations came as a guard when he returned from injury.

While it really comes down to semantics and opinions when looking at the top 100 and who made it and who didn’t, it’s hard to explain the absence of Pouncey when at number 97 is Richie Incognito.

Incognito has been extremely good for the Bills but is he top 100 good? Is he better than MIke Pouncey? Probably not.

Joe Thomas is the first offensive lineman on the list coming it at number 23. Seven total offensive lineman made the top 100. An indication once again that the offensive line does not get the recognition they deserve.

Of those seven players only one, Carolina’s Ryan Kalil is a center.

The Dolphins didn’t have anyone at another position that really warranted entry into the top 100. Their defensive line was just o.k. and that is being modest. Cam Wake spent half of the season on IR and Olivier Vernon played well only in the final eight weeks of the season.

For the most part, there isn’t much for Dolphins fans to complain about with this years list but a few head scratchers here and there give other teams plenty of reasons to wonder. The choice of Incognito over Pouncey is still a little surprising but there are a few other centers in the league that might have warranted a top 100 bid over Pouncey as well.