Dolphins say stadium will be ready

Dolphins stadium renovations - image courtesy of Miami Dolphins.
Dolphins stadium renovations - image courtesy of Miami Dolphins. /

The Miami Hurricanes are making back-up plans in case the stadium renovations where the Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes play are not completed in time to start the season. The Dolphins assure everyone that won’t be necessary.

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From cost overruns to weather problems and more, the stadium renovations at the still yet to be named stadium have become a growing concern to everyone not associated with the Dolphins.

President and CEO Tom Garfinkel has assured as many as possible via social media that the progress will continue and the stadium will be ready. Today the Dolphins released another statement regarding the renovations.

"“The reports that the stadium won’t be ready for football until November are incorrect. Getting a project of this scale done in this timeframe is unprecedented and the contractor is working diligently on a 24/7 basis to complete the canopy structure. While we will still be doing some “non-football critical” elements and final touches into the season similar to Phase 1 last year, at this point in the process we still expect to be ready to play football September 1.” – Statement from Bill Senn, Senior Vice President, Stadium Renovation"

Senn refers to last years “phase-I” plans that saw the team continue some of the renovations internally after the season had begun. The Dolphins requested the NFL put the team on the road to start the season to allow some of the minor renovations to be completed. It is of course easier to do when no one is actually at the stadium.

This year the biggest question remains the installation of the canopy that will put over 90% of the fans under shad during the games. The canopy is a tricky install but one the Dolphins are completely confident will be completed.

The Dolphins have pointed out that construction crews are indeed working around the clock day and night to keep up with the schedule. The Dolphins have moved their home opening pre-season game against the Falcons to Atlanta to give construction crews more time.