Dolphins still focus of Grime’s Twitter rants


When the Miami Dolphins got rid of Brent Grimes there was likely a collective sigh of release that Brent would be taking his wife with him as he walked out the door. And for a while he did.

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Apparently the slow off-season doesn’t just get under the skin of non-invested football fans. Miko has once again taken to social media to show the world just how classless she really is.

This time around, Grime’s worst half slandered Stephen Ross and the Jewish community, took jabs at Mike Tannenbaum, and of course her bestie Ryan Tannehill.

The entire tirade started over Kolbe Bryant and how he ruined the Lakers. She began poking at the Laker fan base, specifically those that love and support Bryant. That turned into a rant about Ryan Tannehill calling him a bum and more.

Later she would tell her followers that it was her who got Brent out of Miami and kept him from retiring.

Apparently for Miko Grimes, the spotlight in Tampa Bay must not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Or the city is not giving her a platform on radio. While Miko claims there will not be the same outbursts towards the Buc’s that will most assuredly change if things go South for Brent. Could you imagine if he got benched?

The sad part of all this is not the fact that she is blowhard and loudmouth with absolutely zero class, it’s that her husband is the one it all reflects on. It will be intersting to see if Brent continues his slide on the field or if he can rebound with the Buc’s in 2016.