Tom Brady ends legal battle over NFL suspension


The NFL has been waiting almost two years to see Tom Brady sit at home for four games after his alleged involvement in Deflategate. After several appeals and back and forth bickering, Brady will now serve his suspension.

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Today, Tom Brady announced that he would not longer continue the fight to reverse his four game suspension. The Second Circuit court recently denied his request for a rehearing and the case was likely heading to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court not have to make a decision now on whether they would have taken the case. Brady’s announcement now cements the fact that he will indeed miss the first four games of the 2016 season.

The Patriots will be without Brady for their opening weekend game against the Cardinals, week two against the Dolphins, and then two more games against the Bills and Texans. He will return for the teams week 5 game against the Cleveland Browns, poor Cleveland.

The loss of Brady will most likely have little effect on the teams season unless they open the season with four consecutive losses.

Brady could have at almost any time admitted to having some involvement or knowledge in the balls being deflated. Had he admitted that guilt his suspension would have likely been reduced. Instead he maintained his innocence and has now given up the fight to continue seeking a legal outcome.

The NFL contends that in part, his suspension is not directly due to his denial of the claims of knowledge but instead to his unwillingness to fully cooperate in the NFL’s investigation, including the damaging of his cell phone in the day/s prior to the leagues request for the phone.

Regardless of whether or not Brady was involved, had knowledge of, or did indeed not cooperate and in fact try to hide evidence it’s all over now.