Dolphins final 53: Quarterbacks


Training camp for the Miami Dolphins will begin in two weeks and the process of turning the roster as it currently is into a usable 53 man roster will be be played out in competitions both at positions and on special teams.

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Predicting the final 53 man roster is difficult but something that most will try and do before the season kicks off. Unlike season predictions, the wait to see if you are correct only takes a month or so. It’s like the NFL’s version of March Madness without they hype.

Today we look at and try and predict the quarterbacks. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Quarterbacks is almost a copout for something like this because the Dolphins will, barring injury, carry only two QB’s to the regular season. Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore are locks for the team but beyond the two of them?

Zac Dysert will battle it out with rookie Brandon Doughty and honestly they both do good things with the football. Dysert has a year of NFL experience but not much playing experience.

Both are strong candidates for the practice squad and it’s possible that the Dolphins could keep them both by leaving one on the 53 man roster and carrying three players at the position.

In recent years the practice of carrying three quarterbacks on an active roster has started to become a bit more rare. Prior to the last CBA it was relatively common to see teams carrying threee quarterbacks.

Much of this will depend on how well both quarterbacks perform in camp and how Matt Moore performs. While Moore isn’t likely to lose his job behind Tannehill, faith in Moore, or lackthereof, could prompt Gase from carrying another quarterback.

When it comes to a halt at pre-seasons end, it would appear that Doughty has the best chance now to make the practice squad and Dysert will be looking for another team. There doesn’t seem to be much future with Dysert unless Gase sees him as the replacement for Moore next season.

53 man roster:

2 Spots

Spots total thus far: 2