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Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

ESPN reporter James Walker highlights Ndamukong Suh and Mario Williams in their approach and drive to success this season

Suh had respectable numbers last season despite the continual double-teams he faced, though, he aligns his statistics with the success of the team— “For me — and being seen as a leader and somebody with a vocal point — I always really graded myself and my success off of how our team does, not individually.”

After missing the Pro Bowl last season, Suh is focused on the upcoming year after conveying that with previously experiencing much success, no one wants to experience anything else.

“I’ve been a part of struggling defenses before. I’ve been a part of great defenses, breaking records and different things of that nature. After having tasted success, you never want to see anything else.” –Ndamukong Suh

Similarly, Mario Williams expresses the same sentiments in his approach for the upcoming season: “We are not going to put numbers on anything. We just want to come out and work every day and, like I said, get to know each other, get to know how we play, get to know how we communicate — body language and so forth — and just come out and execute.”

As two of the big names on the team, they want their unit to perform at its highest potential.

Suh has put the onus on the defensive line to lead the rest of the defense. It is on them to create holes for the linebackers to crash downhill and give the reads on when they need to drop back in coverage. Altogether, he’s taking it upon his unit to create the opportunities for their teammates to succeed.

Chris Perkins of the Sun Sentinel is placing a high importance on the performance of the combination of Ryan Tannehill and Devante Parker, as the core component parlaying into the success of Adam Gase’s new offense 

Perkins notes there have been individuals in multiple offensive roles that have stood out and delivered Pro-Bowl caliber seasons. What he states the offense has lacked is a defined quarterback/receiver combination.

“If there’s really going to be something electric, special, dangerous and different about this Dolphins offense, the Tannehill-Parker combination must lead the way.” – Chris Perkins

Tannehill did, however, develop a nice hookup with Jarvis Landry throughout last season who became a creator on his own, finding ways to elongate short throws into bigger gains.

Tannehill has a wider array of assets this season and with the early impressions of rookie receiver Jakeem Grant, he’s likely more than excited to foster stronger relationships with many of his wideouts this season.

CBS Miami reports the radio and TV broadcasting teams for the upcoming season

The preseason group will remain the same, keeping the core of Bob Griese and Nat Moore in the booth with Kim Bokamper on the sideline and Dick Stockton with the play-by-play announcing. The new addition to the group is Dolphins legend Jason Taylor, who joins the radio broadcast in tandem with former Dolphins Joe Rose and Jimmy Cefalo.

During the regular season, Rose and Cefalo will team up with Bob Griese and Kim Bokamper. Local radio broadcasts on Sportsradio 560 WQAM and Kiss Country 99.9 will be hosted by Chris Stevenson and former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder.

Kevin Rogers will host the halftime show and Orlando Azugaray will host the postgame show with former Dolphins running back Troy Stradford.

Jay Ajayi’s health, Arian Foster impressions

Ajayi’s knee injury was first reported Sunday and he has since expressed there is no severity to his knee, aiming to avert and speculators’ concerns: “It was just a bone bruise. Just some swelling in there right now. Just got to ice it down…Once the swelling goes down, I’ll be fine.”

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The heightened alertness to his injury is similar to the concerns that caused his draft stock to fall last year, and allow the Dolphins to grab him with their fifth round pick.

His previous ACL tear during college raised questions about his durability in the NFL, with ambivalent reports that his knee might not hold up for more than a few years.

Prior to last week, Ajayi was the de facto starting running back for the team. Since Arian Foster was signed and removed from the PUP list, he has been expected to take on that starting role in the backfield.

At Tuesday night’s practice, he received most of the first-team reps and impressed during goal line drills, James Walker reports.

Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel delivers updates on the stadium renovations

Garfinkel spoke on the Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz show to highlight the new canopy, video boards, and stadium updates he has been sharing on his twitter page.

He notes that the canopy will, “In the shade [create] a 20-to-30 degree difference,” which is important for all the fans who are used to finding ways to shield themselves from the direct sun.

Garfinkel also noted that he expects to have a name for the stadium prior to the start of the regular season.

Other Notes

Chris McCain has been a top training camp performer for two years and this year the Dolphins defensive end is off to a hot start– Sun Sentinel

Dolphins’ first-round pick Laremy Tunsil described his transition from practicing at both guard and tackle during Dolphins training camp on Monday.

The Dolphins will be taking their first day off of training camp Wednesday and return to practice on Thursday.

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