Dolphins chronological camp report Jul.29th to Aug.4th


The Miami Dolphins are winding up the first week with pads in training camp after opening their annual training last Friday.

The followings are some information gathered from reports at camp through tweets and stories it may provide some insight into what took place and what might be needed to prepare for the preseason games rapidly approaching.

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This will be done chronologically however it may not be broken down by each day until the later parts from how I had saved notes. Some twitter verbiage PBU (pass break up) Also keep in mind there are many types of drills, 11 on 11 drills, 7 on 7 passing, 1 on 1 drills etc.

Fri. Jul.29th camp no pads into the weekend.

Matty I @TheMattyI (Founder of The Phinsider)
“With Damien Williams already in the doghouse (reportedly), Daniel Thomas has an opening to…gulp…make the team.”

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
“Andrew Franks was 3-for-3 on field goal attempts today.It has always puzzled me why Chris McCain isn’t used more on special teams. When he’s out there things happen (punt block in ’14 opener).
Jakeem Grant just shake and baked Chimdi Chekwa on a kickoff return drill. He was ghost.”

Hal Habib ‏@gunnerhal
“Koehn misses from 47, makes from 47. Still say Franks is clearly leading in the polls.”

Chris Perkins ‏@chrisperk
“Special teams segment…OL & DL going inside bubble to do work.K Marshalll Koehn 46 yards left hash…good.K Marshall Koehn good from 39 yards, middle of field, and 42 yards from left hash mark.”

Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley
“Gase is running DeVante Parker HARD this week. Not holding anything back.”

Was this last tweet from Adam Beasley an Omen? DeVante Parker would go on to tweak his hamstring during Monday drills. However Gase stated he believed dehydration was the factor for the tweak.

The early part of camp was heavy for the Special teams unit as was the day after the teams rest day. Special teams are often overlooked but is an integral part of the team, Chris Perkins provides good coverage on this unit.

The first few days of camp was with no pads, shoulder pads would come on Sunday and full pads went on Monday.

More notes from the weekend

Kicker Andrew Franks had not missed field goal attempts to this point most in the 40 yard range with one of 59 yards made as reported by Chris Perkins. Perks also favored the size of TE Dominque Jones and S Walt Aikens noting that both would have a hard time making their collective squads however Aikens holds value on special teams. One other player Perks thought had good size was LT Sam Young, he also noted Wake was being used sparingly and he likes for his sleeper player to make the team DT Chris Jones.
“MLB Kiko Alonso looks good in pass coverage” Chris Perkins also noted.

Back on the topic of sizable players Omar Kelly stated “Arian Foster is bigger than I expected. Probably 2nd biggest tailback I’ve covered in Miami, behind Daniel Thomas.” Kelly also noted that Dion Jordan seems to have taken on more bulk. On the TE’s:”The Dolphins tight ends need to do a better job of bringing down contested catches.” he also noted he did not like Jakeem Grant catching abilities.

Max Himmelrich was astonished with Tannehill’s first audible.

James Walker noted WR Jarvis Landry dropping a pass while being covered by CB Chimdi Chekwa (CB Chimdi Chekwa would later get more 1st team reps)

Chris Perkins ‏@chrisperk
“DE Mario Williams nice stop vs. Kenyan Drake on run left
Suh battles Pouncey, throws him away and makes stop on Ajayi. Nice job.
Jelani Jenkins nice stop vs. Ajayi on run play. LBs having good day.
T’hill sweet throw to Landry in back of end zone vs. Jordan Lucas. T’hill making nice touch passes in this drill.
CB Lafayette Pitts beaten by WR Leonte Carroo on reception but causes fumble.”

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
“We have had three days of Dolphins practices without the quarterbacks throwing an interception.
Xavien Howard’s rehab work is pretty extensive. He doesn’t have a knee brace or anything. Won’t be long before he’s cleared to practice.
Ryan DiSalvo just snapped the ball embarrassingly high.
Earl Mitchell continues to be the starting defensive tackle.
The Dolphins appear to be running a zone blocking scheme.
Jamil Douglas just messed up the snap count on Ryan Tannehill’s rep.
The only tight end who was able to block a linebacker during a 1-on-1 drill was Dion Sims. You’ve been warned.”

Anthony Chiang ‏@Anthony_Chiang
“Cam Wake showing he’s still got it. Wake beats Dion Sims for a sack.”

Notice the last two tweets this is not a good sign at all, so apparently not only are the TE’s not bringing in catches well they are not blocking sans Sims blocking for the most part.

This is the end of the no pads part of camp aside from Sunday were it was shoulder pads. What follows is full pads.

Mon.Aug 1 full pads

Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero
“Undrafted rookie kicker Marshall Koehn is 3 for 6 today. That’s not going to get it done.”

Chris Perkins ‏@chrisperk
“So far appears wide 9 fits Chris McCain better than Wake, Williams, Branch or any other DE.
Good completion by #Dolphins rookie QB Brandon Doughty to rookie WR Leonte Carroo in team drills. Both players have flashed recently.
Doughty to Carroo over middle for maybe 25 yds. Nice play by both.
TE MarQueis Gray ugly drop”

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
“Nice outside run by Isaiah Pead, who is getting the bulk of the first team work today. He looks decent.
Isaiah Pead with a third reception. Tannehill really likes this speedy back.
Bobby McCain dropped a Tannehill pass that was thrown right to him. No interceptions yet on four practices.
Jarvis Landry just scored a TD during red zone 11-on-11, beating Bobby McCain.
Jarvis Landry with an impressive diving catch over Jordan Lucas. The rookie is getting roasted today.

Tue.night practice in bubble

Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley
“Laremy Tunsil at LG, Dallas Thomas at RG in red zone.
Arian Foster runs right behind Tunsil for a touchdown.
Dolphins running an up-tempo offense to start.
Tannehill throws first pick of camp on practice’s final play. Not his fault tho. Off Foster’s hands.”

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
“Branden Albert has no issues blocking Mario Williams. Williams can’t disengage him.
Dolphins O-line finally has depth. Miami has depth at WR and DE. But Miami lacks depth at RB, TE, LB, CB, DT. One injury there & cliff dive
Isa Abdul Quddus got the first interception of practice, picking off Tannehill in the red zone
For the record, Isa Abdul Quddus said rookie safety A.J. Hendy had the first interception of practice”

Thu.practice (Wed. off)

Hal Habib ‏@gunnerhal
“Dolphins not practicing today: RB Jay Ajayi (knee), DE Farrington Huguenin (ankle), WR DeVante Parker (hamstring).
Stills drops one from Tannehill. Another hard throw, but one that should be caught
Stills can’t hold onto bullet from Tannehill.
Drake reaches way high to haul one in. Tough catch.
Parker, Ajayi, Pead running sprints while the team enjoys a water break.
Koehn hits from 47.
(4 of 6 his FG 40 yrd range other two 30 yrd range)
Damien Williams now getting work. Was kind of forgotten while injured, but needs chance to stand out with Drake, Foster here.
By far Koehn’s best day out here. Accuracy had been a major issue. Perhaps Rizzi corrected something in his technique.”

Alain Poupart‏@apoupartFins
“Rookie kicker Marshall Koehn 6-for-6 on field goals today. Hasn’t been very consistent, but kid has some kind of leg.”

Adam Beasley ‏@AdamHBeasley
“Tunsil now at LG with the starters with Turner. Unless Bushrod comes on, this is probably your Week 1 lineup.”
Bobby McCain over Michael Thomas at nickel to start.”

Armando Salguero ‏@ArmandoSalguero
“Kenny Stills has three red zone TDs today, including tight rope walk catch in back of end zone.”

Chris Perkins ‏@chrisperk
“Stills drops pass that hit him in chest on short slant
7 on 7 passing drill…Lippet at LCB, Bobby McCain at nickel
Going out on a limb…Xavien Howard icing his right knee. Guessing that’s the one he had surgically repaired.
T’hill inc…high throw to Stills at 1-yd line
T’hill to Drake…nice catch on high pass…maybe 5 yd gain…Alonso there for tackle
Water break…appears Chekwa still getting good look at LCB job…run game so-so today, pass game decent, defense so-so.
T’hill inc…went for Landry over middle. Does T’hill throw to anyone aside from Landry on regular basis?
T’hill goes for Landry…pass too deep in end zone…he grabs w/one hand but can’t get both feet down.
CB Bobby McCain nice PBU vs. Landry in middle.
Drake right for short gain after T’hill hits Jordan Cameron for good gain. Running game still struggling overall.
T’hill changes alignment at line, Suh stops Foster at line of scrimmage
Dolphins in shorts & shoulder pads today
DE Farrington Huguenin (ankle) not practicing”

Omar Kelly ‏@OmarKelly
“Good coverage from Michael Thomas on an end zone pass to Jarvis Landry.
Tannehill with a red zone touchdown pass to Kenny Stills
Chimdi Chekwa checking in with the starters during this red zone 11-on-11s.
Laremy Tunsil working with the first team at left guard now during red zone work.
Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner are the starting guards for week two of camp.
Tony Lippett is back with the starters on the left side.
Nice breakup by Bobby McCain on a pass Jarvis Landry bobbled.
Matt Darr is getting good at putting punts into the sidelines of the field. His ball placement has improved.
Three receivers are working with Jakeem Grant, trying to get him to catch contested passes better.
I think Jarvis Landry just scored a TD from Tannehill during 7-on-7s. Pretty solid day from Tannehill today.
Jakeem Grant, Griff Whalen and AJ Cruz are getting punt returner reps. And you know Jarvis Landry can do it.
Starting weakside linebacker Jelani Jenkins is getting his right hamstring looked at by a trainer.
I’ve noticed that Reshad Jones and Isa Abdul Quddus aren’t exactly role specific, but they do swap sides – strong and weak.”
(DC Vance Joseph has stated before he wants a left and right safety designation)

Fri. Aug. 5th was not covered here as the title states, I can imagine today ended with yet another injury and the next healthy player from that group will join the squad the following practice as that has been the case so far. Not to worry though there is a lot of this going on throughout the league.

Final notes

Damien Williams on his fist day back from injury rest lit into Farrington Huguenin (pass block) after things had got heated in the trenches from getting so much defensive pressure as it turned out Farington got hurt and carted off the field a 2nd player at the LB/DE position to be incapacitated along with Zach Vigil. Suh took exception and laid into Damien Williams verbally, maybe Suh’s patience is wearing thin having to play along side of journeymen.

Before all this had taken place Isaiah Pead was said to be doing well the unfortunate thing is near the end of practice he left with what is said to be hamstring trouble. This was doubly unfortunate in that there hasn’t been much in the RB department VS the Defensive line outside of Arian Foster who is a hardened veteran. The Defense has ruled the roost for the most part of the first week of practice and when they beat new head coach Gase’s offense he has been seen to drop and do push ups (maybe some inside bet?). Suh was seen putting his fist under Gase to mark a full push up in jest maybe turnabout for what Gase has done to the team.

Chimdi Chekwa had recently gotten some work with the first-team defense. Some fans had reactions similar to nerds after the The Star Wars Holiday Special came out stating that the Chewbacca family would be the demise of the enterprise. Michael Thomas got the same opportunity adding more fuel to this fire.

Chris Perkins has been tweeting/reporting that he feels Ryan Tannehill is still reliant on Landry too much.

As good as the defense had been up until Thursday it was with Wake being worked in slowly.