Jarvis Landry uses tech to give Miami Dolphins more


The Miami Dolphins hit a home run when they drafted Jarvis Landry in the 2nd round two years ago and Landry is giving the Dolphins everything he has.

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Landry has been a standout both on and off the game field. His work ethic is at an elite level and each day he continues to push himself both in reaching his goals and in his recovery.

Sports Illustrated took a behind the scenes look at Landry when they partnered with Texaco for a paid content video. Landry explains some of his use of modern technology and how he uses it to recover.

You can watch the videos here and here. A more in-depth article is found on the second link going into more detail about how Landry is using technology to advance his recovery.

As the Dolphins prepare for their 2016 season Landry’s recovery and regiment should help other players as well should they buy into what he is doing. Landry specifically uses hyperbaric chambers to accelerate the administration of pure oxygen into his body after workouts.

This type of therapy then allows oxygen into his bloodstream faster and thus accelerates the healing process of his body. It is however only a part of his workouts. In the above videos and corresponding articles go much deeper into what Landry is doing to stay healthy and be more productive.

So far the regiment Landry strictly adheres to is paying off. His production on the field over his first two seasons is more than any other NFL receiver in league history. Now if the rest of the Dolphins can follow his lead.