Will Ryan Tannehill finally “run” the Dolphins offense?


The Miami Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill hasn’t exactly won over doubting fans. 2016 will be a pivotal season for the quarterback as he enters his 5th season.

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From Mike Sherman to Bill Lazor to Zac Taylor, Ryan Tannehill has had his share of coaches in his first four seasons. Two things stood out as a constant. Tannehill couldn’t audible and Tannehill couldn’t run.

That might change under Adam Gase.

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in regular season based off what is seen in pre-season but last Thursday night Gase let opposing teams know that he has in his arsenal a play that will allow Tannehill to use his feet instead of his arm.

To be fair Tannehill has run the ball in his first four years but most of those runs were results of option plays instead of designed runs. Could Gase be planning more of the latter?

It would definitely take pressure off the offensive line as defenses will at least have to consider the fact Ryan Tannehill could be calling his own number at the line of scrimmage when he uses his new audible freedom.

Against Atlanta Tannehill ran well and the Dolphins really need more of that from him but while his legs will only carry him so far, it’s his arm that will make the difference overall. Perhaps his legs will carry him more in that regard as well.

If there is one thing many fans already know about Tannehill is that he is a much better passer when he is out of the pocket and on the run. The aforementioned coordinators knew this yet rarely was Tannehill allowed to roll out on a designed play.

Gase, a quarterback guru of sorts, should recognize this ability and with the offensive line still surrounded by questions, rolling Tannehill out could lead to more big plays downfield.

Sadly the progress that is seen through three weeks of pre-season games amounts to nothing more than, well, pre-season games. To what degree Gase is calling the plays is unknown. Is this vanilla or is Gase pulling out the stops to get the team better quicker on that side of the ball?

Two weeks from now the real season begins. Tannehill and the offensive starters will see minimal playing time in this weeks pre-season finale which means fans will have to wait until Seattle week one to see if this is for real.