Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill needs to learn how to win


The Miami Dolphins loss on Sunday was not the fault of Ryan Tannehill but Tannehill lacks a killer instinct. It’s something he desperately needs to learn.

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Head coach Adam Gase is giving Ryan Tannehill more responsibility than any other coach he has ever played for on any level. He can now audible at the line if need be and he is becoming more vocal. Showing signs of leadership.

There is however a huge divide between quarterbacks like Tannehill and the Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s of the world. It’s that ability to take advantage of every opportunity and kill the opposition with their own mistakes.

During Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, one such opportunity had fans screaming at their televisions. Everyone could see it but Ryan Tannehill couldn’t do it. He has to catch the defense napping.

As the image above shows very clearly, the Miami Dolphins are at the line of scrimmage and are set. The Dolphins faced a 4th and inches deep in Seattle territory and the Seahawks defense was far from ready.

A snap here and the Dolphins easily convert a first down. A quick audible and they could score a touchdown on an uncovered receiver. Instead, Tannehill went through his cadence and gave the defense time to adjust.

Adjust they did. Once the Seahawks were set, Tannehill appeared to audible and the play didn’t work out the way the Dolphins had hoped.

So many times the Dolphins are caught in this very situation. A player is late to the line or a player is still running off the field. Those are easy success plays that will either advance the ball or create a penalty that advances the ball. They are situations that great quarterbacks make every game and average quarterbacks do not.

Plays like that can and sometimes do become the difference in a ball game.

Hopefully Adam Gase will show this very situation to Tannehill during the film study this week. It should serve as a reminder and a lesson. Tannehill needs a lot of lessons to advance to another level. At some point, he needs to find that killer instinct because until he does, he will could become good, but he will never become great.

It was a missed opportunity that he should never miss again.