Color rush uniforms receive positive reaction from Dolphins, NFL fans


The color rush uniforms are back for Thursday night games in 2016.

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Last year it seemed like a mixed emotion whether or not fans enjoyed the colorful uniforms created by Nike.  The most backlash received may have been throughout the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets game.  The Bills wore all red and the Jets wore all green.

Not only did the game look like Santa’s elves toting around a football but fans – particularly those that are colorblind – couldn’t watch the game.  Guess what?  Nike fixed those issues for 2016.  Social media may give fans a place to complain, and fans certainly don’t have to appreciate these creative and fun marketing initiatives from Nike and the NFL, but there won’t be anything to complain about this year.

Buffalo will once again be wearing all red and the Jets will be in all white opposed to green this in tomorrow nights matchup.

Enough of Buffalo and New York.  If you stumbled here by accident and are looking for their news, FanSided still has you covered over at BuffaLowDown and The Jet Press.

Of all the 2016 color rush uniforms released yesterday I believe our Miami Dolphins, with the exception of the Seattle Seahawks, have the best uniforms on the season.  Honestly who didn’t love the orange jerseys throughout the 2,000’s?  My biggest regret as a child was never getting an orange Chris Chambers jersey.

If you somehow haven’t seen the all-orange color rush jerseys, here you go.

How do the rest of the fans feel?  The tweets speak for themselves.

What do you think about the new color rush uniforms?  Comment below!