Miami Dolphins Mexico fan group growing

Image courtesy of DolphinsNationMexico
Image courtesy of DolphinsNationMexico /

As Christmans has arrived we travel South of the border to visit with some huge Miami Dolphins fans who are making noise in Mexico.

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Miami Dolphins fans come from a variety of places. From the upper Northeast in Newfoundland, Canada where you will find the Shed Dawgs all the way to the U.K. and even in Japan. Locally in the United States there is the DolfansNYC group that takes over Metlife Stadium every year.

Dolphins fans have been quiet the past decade and even a little more. The record of the team hasn’t seemed to bring out a ton of new fans but even through these lean years the Dolphins fan-base does indeed continue to grow. Which brings us to a new group of die-hard Phinfans.

Travel North out of Miami and then West on the I-10 corridor until you reach San Antonio, Tx. Hang a left and travel South into Mexico. There you will find a group of dedicated Dolphins fans that call themselves DolphinsNationMexico (@DolphinsNationM on Twitter).

It started with two friends who shared a passion for Dolphins football, Jose Antonio Moran and César Mercado. It has grown into a group of over a 100. 100 passionate fans who try to come together on Sunday’s to cheer for the Miami Dolphins. A team many have never seen in person.

Earlier this week I reached out to the two Mexican Dolphins fans to find out more about their group and journey to become unlikely fans of a South Florida football team. So Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad. I’ve left the broken English as a testament to their passion and dedication.

"PP:  I suppose a great place to start is how does a group of people in Mexico become die-hard Miami Dolphins fans?"

Is simple, this team is a classic in the NFL, in the 70’s with Shula, Griese, Csonka, have done what nobody has been able to do up to now: A perfect season, in the 80’s the love for the Dolphins continued thanks to Dan The Man, while 2000 to date we have not highlighted, the dolphins are a team very dear and among the ten best hobbies in Mexico.

Each person has their reasons, from the 70’s are transmitted the games of the NFL in Mexico, in my case, My team is Miami because i liked the Delfin and when we lost the Super Bowl vs Redskins reaffirm my love for this team.

"PP: How did your group form?"

It all began on twitter in 2012, we began to form a group, we were 6 people, We talk about ours Miami Dolphins, in 2014 is looking for that these talks on twitter were in person (we were only 2: Me (Jose) and César) and it was not until the last year in which we were able to achieve this. The means of dissemination for the first meeting was in the Facebook page call Perfectiville Dolphins, there everything began.

"PP: Does your group gather together to watch the games and if so where do you get to watch the games at?"

Clear, meetings began last season in the kickoffs: Dolphins @ Redskins. This season has been the boom, meetings is on Texas Ribs, with the team taking a great season, the people have accepted our project. We have had very good attendance this season (50 people each week)

"PP: How many fans are in your group? It was a pretty big group in the picture you posted on Twitter to former Dolphins great Sam Maddison."

In our social networks (Facebook) until the moment we have 679 persons, in twitter more 600 people, but we know that there are still thousands Dolfans throughout Mexico; we are doing the job to try to have all fans, in the photo that you send to Sam Maddison on twitter we are 174, but we know that if Dolphins go playoffs this number can be overcome

Image courtesy of DolphinsNationMexico
Image courtesy of DolphinsNationMexico /

You can follow the group on Twitter @DolphinsNationM and on Facebook by clicking here.

"PP: Have you all traveled to see the Dolphins play in the States? I have to assume with the NFL playing a regular game in Mexico City this year that there has to be some hope of the Dolphins eventually doing the same."

Several members of the group have traveled separately for many years to games in the United States, both in Miami and visitors to other cities, but since the creation of DNM, this year small groups were organized to travel to the games against Titans, Steelers and Chargers; And next season we want to organize a larger group to travel together. In fact we already had a pre-season game of our Dolphins here at CDMX in 1997 and we all dreamed of seeing them again in a real game.

"PP:  You all recently sent a picture of your group to Sam Maddison, you mentioned in a previous question. What would you want the Miami Dolphins to know about your group if you could tell them?"

We would like our Dolphins to know that some of us have followed the team for over twenty or thirty years, that we understand the game, that we know the rules, that we are passionate about our players and our uniforms, and that everyone would be very welcome when the time comes for the Miami Dolphins to play in Mexico.

"PP: If other fans in Mexico wanted to join your group or talk with you how would they get a hold of you guys? Do you have a Facebook page, Website, or another social media platform?"

At the time the organization recognized us as a fan club, we created our domain which is currently under construction. In our page we want to express our point of view as Dolfans from Mexico and share our experience as a Fan Club, we also have a group in facebook DolphinsNationMexico and on twitter like @dolphinsnationm

"PP: Can you run through what a typical Miami Dolphins pre-game routine is for your group and what is one of the mainstay food staples on game day that you think us “Northerners” should have at our tailgate parties?"

We don’t really have a tailgate ritual, in fact we don’t really tailgate at all. Most of Dolphins games start at noon local time that is opening hour for our home Texas Ribs so everyone gets there just in time for kickoff. And because our home Texas Ribas has an american menu, we eat almost the same as you: burgers, fries, wings, ribs, sodas and beers. But we would love to introduce our northern neighbors to “tortas de chilaquiles”: spicy softened tortilla chips with salsa inside of a mexican bun.

Here is a little of what they experienced on Saturday when the Dolphins beat the Bills in overtime.

With a little luck maybe our friends down South will show up at a game that you attend. Take the time to reach out to them on Twitter and help grow their fan group as well as liking their Facebook page. It’s great to see such dedication from a group of men and women who as they said shares a passion for the Miami Dolphins.