Miami Dolphins recap of Minicamp

Jan 1, 2017; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills (10) tosses a football into the stands after scoring a touchdown during the second half against New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 1, 2017; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills (10) tosses a football into the stands after scoring a touchdown during the second half against New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

With Minicamp over here is an overall look at what took place. It will be six weeks before training camp, the next Miami Dolphins activities.

The three days were cut into somewhat by taking off a little earlier than other teams due to heat. And there was a problem with bees taking residence near the practice field on Wednesday causing some disruption.

Late on Wednesday it was almost like a right of passage or an initiation for DeVante Parker. He made a nice play bringing in a deep pass in the end zone. His teammates had to break off celebrations as the swarm of bees already made one themselves.

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Many of the same players that stood out during the OTA period kept it going during minicamp. Players like DeVante Parker and Charles Harris for the most part. Both of whom were said to keep the high level of intensity going into he second phase of off-season training. Whereas Jay Ajayi still needs to hone his newly added pass catching skills. And Jordan Phillips who had gained praise from coach Gase earlier is said to be already slipping back into not really getting after it much.

Maybe I’m being a bit of a worrywart but not hearing about certain players performance over this off-season period has a level of concern. Those players are Julius Thomas who could become an important cog in opening up this offense going ahead. And Isaac Asiata who has a shot at fortifying the left guard spot should he become a standout during training sessions. Update: I did see a mention on Thomas for a recap on the whole but missed any during the three days. That came via Andy Cohen of Miami Dolphins dot-com.

It should be noted that Ryan Tannehill looks to have had full mobility during all these training periods. Even as concerns over his knee start to fade away. The real test will come when the hitting and tackling come. Which might be the joint practice with the Eagles or most likely during preseason games. But it still won’t be on the level of a regular season game when it counts.

Going over the OTA period it was Michael Thomas who was used at slot corner who had not done so going back to college. And now it was Walt Aikens with the same thing but playing CB. Having a lot of cross training is one thing. But a few things make me do a double take here. For starters they already have four adequate CB before Cordrea Tankersley was drafted in the third round. Also Thomas plays free safety and they are short at that position.

So the Miami Dolphins who are short at free safety take the two back ups there, both of whom also contribute greatly on special teams and train them at cornerback where the room is already overflowing. This just seems a little odd to me. And makes me wonder who is training at FS besides new comers Nate Allen and suspended T.J. McDonald who will start midway in the season.

Just a hunch but they might be getting better at backing up the slot corner position with Thomas and Aikens at the risk of assuming Allen and McDonald will be all they will need. Aikens had stated heading into the last day of minicamp that up until that point he had not played safety.

A new wrinkle was noticed right off the bat day one of minicamp. The no-huddle, hurry-up offense was being worked out sans Laremy Tunsil who worked out on the sideline and should be fine for training camp. But even so as some reports had stated; there was back to back quick strike seam passing plays completed on that day that drew awe. The defense has seemed to always do better overall during these off-season periods and that tradition was said to have continued.

As much accolades as DeVante Parker has drawn. Xavien Howard who was taxed to cover him has also held his own at times. The same goes for Charles Harris who went up against Laremy Tunsil while Tunsil was still healthy and participating.

Those of note injured and not participating were center Mike Pouncey and linebacker Koa Misi.

Ndamukong Suh who in the past had always skipped off-season activities to train on his own was with the team the whole time. With so many new players on defense this can serve well in an effort to get everyone accustomed to one and other.

Adam Gase stated he won’t get away this summer. And doesn’t really want to. “I live in fantasy land. I get to do this for a job and I love it.” Gase is hitting all the right buttons and getting/keeping his players motivated. He also has stated he wants his players to gain and keep a high level of consistency. “The best players play” he says and the notion of being drafted high gets a player leeway is out the window with him. Which must also factor into the above.

So certain players that feel they can rest on any pedigree that being drafted high might bring them should think again. They might be riding the bench. And after that possibly finding themselves separated from the Miami Dolphins.

Happy Father’s Day to all it applies to.