Lawrence Timmons on Miami’s heat “I haven’t puked yet!”

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 24: Lawrence Timmons
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 24: Lawrence Timmons /

The Miami Dolphins made Lawrence Timmons a priority signing during the March free agent period after he spent his entire NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During the Steelers’ visit to Miami in 2016 the heat was so bad for Timmons that he was caught on camera vomiting during the game. Now a member of the Dolphins team, Timmons gets to experience that heat first hand. Today after his first practice in pads, Timmons was asked about how he was enjoying the South Florida heat. Timmons simply said, “I haven’t thrown up yet”.

That got the interview segment off to a laughing start. Timmons isn’t quiet sure where he will play at in 2017. The Dolphins are lining him up inside and outside. When the team moves into its nickel package he and Kiko Alonso are the two linebackers on the field.

Whether this remains into the season is unknown. During Friday’s practice Raekwon McMillan moved inside while Timmons moved outside. This is likely going to continue as the Dolphins experiment with different packages and situations.

In 2016 Timmons again played all 16 games and registered over 100 tackles. The Dolphins are hoping that the addition of Timmons with Kiko Alonso will get the Dolphins out of the basement against the run statistically.

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Today’s post-practice interview with Timmons shows that he isn’t exactly in love with talking to the media and some of his answers were rather short, especially when an unknown member of the media opted to ask about his former team, the Steelers.

Here is his full press conference transcript courtesy of

Saturday, July 29, 2017

LB Lawrence Timmons

(So what do you think of the heat?) – “I haven’t thrown up yet, so far so good. (laughter) I’m enjoying it. It’s the third day of camp so I’m still trying to get acclimated. The heat is kind of serious but I’m having fun.”

(How do you prevent the heat from becoming a problem?) – “Cool tubs after practice. Popsicles preferably. Stuff like that because it’s real hot out here.”

(I’ve seen you talking to LB Kiko Alonso on the side a lot. How do you form a bond with a new teammate like that?) – “It’s huge. Team camaraderie is everything. We’ve got to be like brothers and family out there – on the field, off the field. We’ve got to be each other’s friend, brother.”

(You were in half packs today but how was it to have at least a little more contact?) – “It was good getting your pads low, getting that muscle memory back of bending the pads. That and just out here like you’re little again, playing ball and having fun.”

(It’s practice but how cool was it to get that interception?) – “It was fun. (Head) Coach (Adam) Gase makes it fun for us. It’s very youthful here. It’s just fun out there. It’s like high school all over again.”

(And you had a lateral…) – “Yes. You saw that? When I was a quarterback (I ran) the veer option. (laughter)”

(You’ve been on some good defenses. What do you think when you see that d-line in front of you?) – “I feel like we have one of the best d-lines in football. You’ve got (Cameron) Wake, you’ve got (Ndamukong) Suh – the best d-tackle ever. (Andre) Branch has been going crazy. We’ve got a lot of players and it’s going to be fun. We’re still trying to develop and get better at the same time.”

(LB Raekwon McMillan, what do you think of him so far and his early development?) – “I feel like he’s very young but he’s willing to work and come to work every day. He doesn’t say much but he listens, which is major for him. I think he’s going about it the right way and I’m just waiting to see his success.”

(LB Neville Hewitt is a guy who made a few starts last year. He played some special teams. What does he bring to the table?) – “I like Neville because he’s a hard-nosed player. He gives you one speed every time. He’s very passionate. That’s another guy that’s going to make a lot of noise this year.”

(When you have three linebackers on the field and you’re outside, what does that enable you to do? What are the positives from that scenario when you line up like that compared to the middle?) – “I play both so it doesn’t matter to me. I’ve got to be a flexible player and play both. In the middle, you’re in the scrum more. On the outside, you’re free. You get to run around. That’s the difference.”

(Have you been playing more Sam linebacker?) – “I’m both – all over.”

(Is it true that sometimes in the summer the Steelers would tackle each other to the ground?) – “We’re the Dolphins here. (laughter)”

(I read that the Steelers used to tackle each other in practice. I thought that was interesting.) – “No.”

(Not really?) – “No. (Steelers Head Coach) Mike Tomlin is still my guy. (Owner) Mr. Rooney, you already know.”

(He’s going to get an extension it sounds like?) – “Who?”

(Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin) – “He should. Why wouldn’t he?”