Miami Dolphins Should Kick Tires On Joe Haden Trade


The Browns are looking to dump a Pro Bowl cornerback. The Dolphins should be diving for the phone.

Former Pro Bowler Joe Haden is reportedly on the outs in Cleveland. This should be of particular interest to a Miami Dolphins team that appears to have a slew of concerns at cornerback

It would certainly not be without risk. Haden has had his last two seasons derailed by injuries, and does come with a hefty contract. On one hand, he appears well recovered from offseason surgery. On the other, he appears to be having just as dazzling a training camp as Byron Maxwell is enjoying with the Dolphins.

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However, his pedigree does involve two Pro Bowls and way more interceptions for his career. Haden is the senior player by one season, but the difference is still stark at 19 to 10 picks. Tackles? That’d be a 299 to 174 Haden edge. And keep in mind that one of those “years” we’re counting for Haden was a 5-game season in 2015. He’s the better player.

On the downside, the all knowing Pro Football Focus despised him last season, and he’s only 5’11. While he absolutely plays bigger than that, sometimes size does matter. Maxwell has one to two inches on him depending on what bio you read. Maxwell has dismayed this preseason, but has had the strongest season most recently.

Still, it seems worth exploring if something could be made to work here. With less money owed to Maxwell, could the Miami Dolphins simply swap corners and kick in a sixth round sweetener? Or are the Browns expecting something closer to Pro Bowl value for Haden? A third or fourth round pick seems reasonable depending on money Miami would have to take on. Perhaps even a conditional second in 2019 if Haden makes the Pro Bowl.

Anything beyond that would be a bit rich given the heavy contract involved, and some magic would have to be worked given the 2018 cap situation. It would absolutely increase the pressure on the looming Jarvis Landry and Ryan Tannehill contract decisions

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Yet at the same time the Miami Dolphins are looking for ways to upgrade the secondary, a player is suddenly available that is only two years removed from being considered the best cornerback in the conference. If the Dolphins can find a way to put him in their secondary, it would provide fans a lot more confidence the defense will be able to get some stops against the onslaught of Pro Bowl quarterbacks awaiting this season.

It may end up hurting too much to pull off. But it never hurts to ask.