Experience the Miami Dolphins with 360 degree VR video


The Miami Dolphins have a rich history but only a select few get to experience what the Dolphins are about. Now, you can take a step into their world through a series of 360 degree virtual reality videos.

Over the weekend of October 7, 2017 myself and a bunch other Miami Dolphins fan-sites gathered for the annual Dolphins Web Weekend event that was held at the team’s training facility. This years event included a trip to the stadium for a tour of Hard Rock Stadium.

In addition events over the weekend included a speaking engagement with Hall of Fame center Dwight Stephenson as well as executive Mike Tannenbaum. In addition to several other guests. This year I was able to capture portions of the weekend on a 360 degree camera that allows you the opportunity to experience these events, the stadium, and so much more in virtual reality.

To view the images in their best quality, you should make sure your device is connected to a solid wi-fi source. The videos can be viewed on your iPhone or Android device or on an iPad and some computer models will allow you to view them in 360.

For the best result use a VR headset so that the video will turn with your head motions.

The first series of videos have been released and include a special DolfansNYC Metlife Takeover clip. I will have more of those clips up soon. The current videos will allow you to sit in front of Mike Tannenbaum while he address the group. You can look around the Dolphins team meeting room and then experience what the Dolphins entry foyer is like as you are given a 360 degree view of the room from about eight feet off the floor.

Other videos will be released over the coming days and weeks and will include a tour of Hard Rock Stadium. A trip into the tunnels below the stadium. The Dolphins locker room both at the training center and at HRS. We will take you through the highest price point seating when we walk through The Nines club, as well as into the cheerleaders practice area.

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Want more? If you have never been to Hard Rock Stadium we will take you near the field as the stadium sits quiet ahead of Sunday’s game. Experience the stadium like never before as though you were there in person. Then, we will take you to the field. For pre-game warm-ups and finally experience what it’s like to sit in the stadium among thousands of other fans. Here the roar of the crowd and watch as the pyro-techniques flame into the air as the defense is announced. And then experience the last six minutes as the Dolphins are rooted on to victory.

To watch these videos it’s very simple. Grab your phone and your goggles, strap it in and go to Youtube. Phinatics360 is your view into the Miami Dolphins like never before. Hope you enjoy them. Follow Phinatics360 to be alerted when more videos are uploaded and leave a comment on how we can improve and what you might want to see next time.