Miami Dolphins at Panthers recap


This game was hold your nose bad and hard to find any silver linings in-game or moving forward.

The game started out not looking too promising. The main culprit being inaccurate passing and a running game that was nullified. Also the Panthers picked up on picking on Kiko Alonso in coverage which gave them some results to keep drives alive.

In the battle of short passes during the first half it was the Panthers that came out on top 17 – 7. Although there was some life on the scoring drive the Miami Dolphins had that was capped off with a shovel pass to Julius Thomas.

This carried over into the second half, but with the Panthers winning this battle as well as Cam Newton being able to run they started pulling away. And the short passes then start to become ineffective for the Miami Dolphins.

Speaking of ineffective, that would describe the defense that allowed the Panthers to march down filed and score on 8 of 10 possessions by the time it was 38 – 14 with 3 minutes to play in the third. But there was a bright spot with the second score, a 66 yard TD run from Kenyan Drake.

Not long into the second half of the game the Miami Dolphins would find themselves down by at least three touchdowns and it would stay that way throughout the game. With the defense rolling over and the offense not able to open much up to answer back. To those watching this game live who are not fans of either team it’s what’s known as a snooze fest.

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Missing in action

Jay cutler‘s: accuracy throwing the ball. Right from the start it wasn’t there. Jarvis Landry risked injury getting lead into a defender who himself went down. And with under a minute to play in the first half he threw an interception giving the Panthers a short field from which they scored a TD. He overthrew Kenny Stills twice by the third quarter. And then the same with DeVante Parker with under a minute to play in the third.

The defense: pretty much fell apart in every aspect, getting off blocks, pass coverage, not stopping runs and much more. This unit should be getting better at this point not falling apart. Just like many earlier games can be credited for them winning, the same could be said for these losses lately.

As advertised

Not ready for prime time: this makes three lost prime time games in a row with two blowout losses and one sort of close loss last week. Call it stage fright under the national lights for this 45-21 stinker of a game. But it looks like it will be a year or more before that stage gets set again.

Pleasant surprises

Kenyan Drake: his speed was on full display during his 66 yard TD run breaking away from everyone. To me he would be in the as advertised section as I never doubted his skill set and always wanted him to have his chance. Let my state it one more time “speed kills.”

Phi-injury report: William Hayes left the game with an undisclosed injury and did not appear to return to the game.

The FedEx air and ground winner last week got lost in the mail this game. But if that Jay Cutler had showed up all game again this might have been a closer game. However the defense would had to play better as last game they allowed the most total yards on the season with 379 and this game it was a whopping 548. The Panthers had nearly twice the amount of first downs and more that ten minutes more time of possession in this 45-21 blowout game.

This team is lost and desolate with no identity and not much guidance at this point, on top of that they are cash strapped so no proficient reinforcements are available. The loss to the Ravens the Miami Dolphins have a history of bad play to them. This time it was a potentially good team in the Panthers that they stayed behind by at least three touchdowns early into the second half and stayed that way. This game serves as a barometer game going forward.