Jarivs Landry’ Miami future in the hands of Adam Gase

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 05: Head coach Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins talks to wide receiver Jarvis Landry
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 05: Head coach Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins talks to wide receiver Jarvis Landry /

The Dolphins are on a collision course with Jarvis Landry and it might be Adam Gase who has the say in whether Landry stays or if he leaves via free agency once the season is over.

The Miami Dolphins are trying to finish the 2017 season strong. With four games left to play the team is inching however towards the off-season where they will have to make the biggest decision on a rostered player in quite some time. Of course that player is Jarvis Landry.

Over the past several years the Dolphins have made a point to try to keep their own players rather than hit the free agent market looking for big name players. They re-signed Mike Pouncey a few years ago, have extended Cam Wake, extended Kenny Stills, Andre Branch, Kiko Alonso, and so on. Now they have to decide on the future of Jarvis Landry.

Landry is going to get paid but the question is how much. Whether it is from the Dolphins or another team, Landry will be a rich man come 2018. His future is clouded in Miami where the team hasn’t made him a priority. Last season they opted to give Reshad Jones an extension and then signed T.J. McDonald to an extension despite the fact he had not played a single down.

We all know what Jarvis Landry can do on the field and so does Adam Gase. If there is one thing we have learned about Gase is that he isn’t afraid to make bold moves and if he likes you, it’s likely you are sticking around.

When Kenny Stills was extended many pointed to the fact that despite him having only one really productive NFL season it was the fact that Gase really liked the skill set and person that Stills is and that played into his extension. When Jay Ajayi was traded to the Eagles it was clear that Ajayi had been in the Gase doghouse for sometime. Even dating back to last year.

Gase wants players that not only buy into his system but also compete at a high level, put in the film work, and practice hard. That is Jarvis Landry. Landry regularly stays after practice to work on his game. How much film work he does is really unknown but when Gase called out players for not putting in the time, some believed that Landry may have been one of those he singled out.

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Landry has never had a bad season in Miami. Gase knows that and so does Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier who have the final say over the roster. If the Tannenbaum/Grier duo want to move on from Landry after this season, Gase may be the one to step in and beg for his extension so to speak.

There is no need to go into statistics with Landry, his play on the field is crystal clear and while he may drop a pass from time to time, he rarely is out of position or on the wrong route. He uses his body to block consistently and rarely is flagged for a penalty that isn’t emotion driven.

How Gase feels about his receiver internally is known only by those who are part of that internal group but it is becoming clear that the Dolphins want to give Gase every chance to succeed and if Gase wants Landry to be a part of his future, the Dolphins are going to listen very hard.

Of course money is an issue as well and no matter how much Gase likes or perhaps dislikes Landry the final decision may come down to what Landry values himself compared to other receivers in the league and what their salaries are.

Landry has more receptions in his first three years than any other player in that period of time in NFL history. This season he has 80 receptions good enough for fourth in the NFL and eight receptions behind league leading Antonio Brown who also is tied for the league touchdowns with nine. Landry has six. The difference is in the yardage.

Landry has never been a seam threat receiver but he is more than a possession receiver out of the slot. Landry is a rare player with the talent to get open consistently and make plays. He isn’t a typical slot/possession receiver. That is going to help Landry and hurt Miami.

If Landry hits free agency it is hard to tell where he will land. Most NFL teams will be after him but will he chase the money or the potential for a ring?

When the season ends Gase, Tannenbaum, and Grier will evaluate the roster and their needs and make financial decisions on player contracts including potential restructures. They will have to decide if Landry fits into that future or if he will simply eat up $10 or $12 million of cap space a year. They will need to know if they can replace Landry’s production or push it to someone else.

Slot receivers are typically easy to replace in the NFL but special players such as Landry are much harder to find. Miami has a gem that gives fans something to cheer about a player that gives 100% on every play. Gase very well may be the best option in Landry’s corner come negotiations. That is if he really likes having him on the roster and believes when it is all said and done that Landry is a major part of this teams building.