Yes, the Miami Dolphins can still make the playoffs

My son attends his first Dolphins game with me.
My son attends his first Dolphins game with me. /

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Bills on Sunday and it wasn’t pretty. They still have a shot at the post-season however.

Miami’s chances of making the post-season are slim but the fact they have a chance at all this late in the season two games below .500 speaks volumes to how bad the AFC is this year. Following the loss on Sunday to the Bills, Miami can still get a ticket to the extra weekend if things play out in their favor.

Needless to say, I won’t be commenting on your comments instead I will be avoiding the shoes and the myriad of other things you will be throwing at me for the mere mention of the playoffs. It will not be easy but mathematics are an interesting business.

For starters, Miami has to beat the Chiefs next weekend in Kansas City. The Chiefs are atop the AFC West by a game over the Chargers who lost on Sunday to the Chiefs. Things will get interesting from here on out and Miami fans will want to pay attention to the weekends games.

The question is where to begin? Aassuming the Dolphins win out.

For starters, the Bills who now own the 6th seed need to lose two games. That would be the next weekend to the Patriots and the following weekend to Miami. Both are possible given the fact Miami plays the Bills far better in South Florida.

The Ravens will not likely lose their remaining games which include the Colts and Bengals. They will likely move up to the 5th seed when all is said and done and that is because the Tennessee Titans who lost to the 49’ers hold that spot. They have games against the Rams and Jaguars. Both of which they will likely lose.

If the Titans lose both, the Ravens move up and the 6th seed becomes an open spot for several teams. The Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders. The Chargers are 7-7, the Chiefs 8-6, and the Raiders are 6-8 with the Dolphins.

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The Chargers need to lose at least one game in the next two weeks in order to drop back into a tie with the Dolphins who own the head to head tie-breaker. They will play the Jets on Sunday and then wrap the season with the Raiders. The Chargers had been playing well until their run in with the Chiefs. Losing one is not impossible but it will be tough.

The Raiders on the other hand play the Eagles next Monday night on Christmas day. A likely loss which will move Miami up and out of the current tie they have with them. The Chiefs will wrap their season against the Broncos.

So who do you root for? Well you have to root for the Jets. I know it sucks but a Jet upset over the Chargers could be the catalyst to a post-season birth. You have to root for the Patriots. I know that too is tough but you have no choice if you want to see Miami in the post-season. A win by Buffalo over the Patriots, eliminates Miami.

You need to root for the Rams and Jaguars. If the Titans win either of those games, the Dolphins are eliminated provided the Ravens do not lose both of their games.

To make this as simple as possible the Dolphins have to win out. The Chargers need to lose one, the Raiders one, the Titans two, or the Ravens need to lose two, and the Bills have to lose to the Patriots.

In case you are wondering about Kansas City, well if they lose to the Dolphins and then the following week to the Broncos, the Chargers would win the division if they win their final two games and the Dolphins would have the tie-breaker over the Chiefs and would then get the final spot.

That’s it. That is all that needs to happen. Feel free to throw your shoes, beer cans (preferably empty if you are a good shot), or anything else you have.