Ex-Dolphins coach Chris Foerster still battling demons on road to recovery

An empty Hard Rock Stadium a day before a Dolphins home game - Image by Brian Miller
An empty Hard Rock Stadium a day before a Dolphins home game - Image by Brian Miller /

Over the years the Miami Dolphins have endured some major in-season bombshells but none are quite has shocking as the video that surfaced of offensive line coach Chris Foerster.

The Miami Dolphins had just beaten the Tennessee Titans and offensive line coach Chris Foerster was at work breaking down the game film. That is when Dolphins coaches and security stepped in and asked him to leave. The video of him snorting cocain had surfaced the night before.

A new report from NFL.com sheds more light into the issues that faced Foerster in the weeks and days that led to his resignation. The Dolphins asked him to come back later in the day and immediately asked for his resignation. According to the report he wanted a leave of absence but eventually resigned as the team requested.

The bizarre nature of the incident had a lead-in that wasn’t known until the NFL report. An eight or nine day coke binge at the start of the season. The first meeting between Foerster and the woman who released the video, Kijuana Nige, occured while the Dolphins were on the West Coast after being displaced by Hurricane Irma.

The video reportedly was made prior to the New Orleans Saints game in London. The eight to nine day binge happened before that trip and according to the report, Foerster believed that he had “used to much” upon boarding the plane.

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The video was shot in September but it would be two weeks before it was released. The shocking revelations brought yet another black mark to the Dolphins. Foerster says that he never ran a meeting of practice while under the influence. Fans will take that as it may.

Today, long removed from the rigors of NFL coaching, Foerster is battling those demons as he continues in outpatient rehabilitation and a 12 step program. His life a shell of what it once was. Foerster tells NFL.com that he first used cocain in 2015 while with the 49’ers.

The former coaches future is unlcear. He is 55 years old and for many coaches that is a prime age for reaching proffessional goals. For Foerster it may be a chance that never comes. His personal life is what he needs to rebuild. Not another teams offensive line.

Foerster is getting the help he needs now but will it work in the long term? That is up to him and the those who he leans on for support. At least he is getting it.

The NFL.com article is a good read and really puts the entire incident into more perspective.