Ex-Dolphins Jay Ajayi leads Miami’s fans hopes of Super Bowl upset


Super Bowl LII will kick-off tonight and the Eagles are hoping to upend the highly touted Patriots and win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

The Eagles have not been to the Super Bowl since 2004 and have never won the game in their two attempts. Their championships come before the Super Bowl was started and the leagues merged. The Patriots on the other hand, well outside of New England no one really cares.

The Patriots have become the most hated team in the NFL. Some will say that is because they are simply that great while others contend their success comes at the expense of honor and integrity. In other words, the Patriots legacy is built on lies and cheating. I’m in that category of NFL fans.

Tonight the Eagles will try and win their first Super Bowl and they will do so with two prominent staff members that were formally Miami Dolphins players. Both with different jobs and different responsibilities but both with the same goal.

Doug Pederson never made a major impact on the Dolphins as a player but he holds one key statistic that without question is etched into the NFL history books. He led the Miami Dolphins, ironically against the Eagles, to Don Shula’s 325th victory. Making his former head coach the winningest coach in NFL history.

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Pederson will coach the Eagles as their head coach tonight and turned a franchise around in one season. He will rely on another former Dolphins to wear down the Patriots defense. Jay Ajayi.

Ajayi posted three 200 yard games in 2016 for the Dolphins but he butted heads with Adam Gase and a day before the trade deadline, Gase traded his star running back to the Eagles. Now, Dolphins fans will watch Ajayi try and earn a Super Bowl ring, potentially a Super Bowl MVP, and bring down the most hated team in the AFC.

Ajayi will split carries with former Patriot Legarrette Blound who will be a short yardage bulldozer for the Eagles but it will be Ajayi the Eagles will try to find running room for and space in the passing game.

After all is said and done two former Miami Dolphins players could take down the Patriots on national t.v. The last time the two teams met in 2004, in the Super Bowl, a worn out puking Donovan McNabb couldn’t pull it out late, tonight it will come down to Nick Foles and potentially Jay Ajayi to give the Eagles their first Super Bowl title.